Angelina Jolie, the star of gone in 60 Seconds, moved closer to Brad Pitt


After a long and brutal legal battles for the custody of children, the magazine USWeekly reports that the relations between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I am finally back to normal.

Their divorce, which came after a love affair of 12 years and six children (three natural and three adopted), he had upset the millions of fans around the world, which for months have then following the events of gossip and battles with no holds barred and, above all, a long and painful legal battle for custody of the boys.

But things seem to be changed and the relations between the star of Gone in 60 Seconds (which returns to air this evening) and There Once Was A Hollywood they would be much more cordial. It was told USWeekly, which says: “Things between Brad and Angelina have never gone so well as in this period, the two are now much more cordial with one another, and are looking for a solution that is satisfactory for both“.

The relationships, therefore, have become more relaxed for the first time, after so many years. Even, a source close to the couple have reported to the magazine that the actress is now “happy for Brad, because he left behind his problems with the alcohol”.

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