Angelina Jolie will be Maria Callas in her next film

Angelina Jolie Sara Maria Callas in the new film by director Pablo Larraín dedicated to the famous opera singer.

After bringing Kennedy’s wife back to life in the 2016 film Jackie (where the assassination of JFK was told) and having made Kristen Stewart wear the role of Princess Diana in SpencerLarraín has decided to dedicate his new biopic to the “Divine” of music, entrusting this iconic and multifaceted character to Angelina Jolie.

The biopic, which will be titled Marywill tell the tumultuous, gripping, incredible and at the same time tragic story of the greatest opera singer who ever lived, whose last days of life in 1970s Paris are relived and re-imagined by director Pablo Larraín.

A very important role that he will have to face Jolie stepping into the shoes of Callasas the actress herself declared during a meeting with the press, as reported variety. “I take responsibility for Maria’s life and legacy very seriously. I will give everything I can to meet the challenge. Pablo is a director that I have long admired. Getting the chance to tell more of Maria’s story with him, and with the screenplay by Steven Knight (former author of Peaky Blindersed), it’s a dream,” he said Angelina Jolie.

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Maria Callas was born in Manhattan in 1923 and received her operatic training in Greece, where she moved at the age of 13 before moving to Italy, where her career took off making her one of the singers of most famous work of the early 20th century. In the course of her life, the artist has faced a very strong myopia that made her almost blind as well as numerous scandals connected to her private life (she had an affair with Aristotle Onassis, future husband of Jacqueline Kennedy) and professional (the rivalry with the Italian opera singer Renata Tebaldi is now history).

The announcement that the former star of Tomb Rider will be the face of Maria Callas has sparked no small curiosity around this film, the release of which, however, should not take place before the end of 2023. The wait to be able to watch the film will therefore not be short, but fortunately it can be tempered from the exit of Without bloodthe film with Salma Hayek which will see Angelina return (protagonist of the chronicles for the much talked about legal battle Jolie Pitt) behind the camera, after the directorial successes obtained with First they killed my father, By the sea And Unbroken.

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