Angelina Jolie witch Rome, focaccia from bari in the menu for Michelle Pfeiffer

Came to Rome for the european premiere of Maleficent and has surprised everyone with its extreme simplicity. Angelina Jolie, beautiful in jeans and shirt, candida, greeted the crowd, jelly-like of the fans that the expected compounds in front of the Auditorium della conciliazione, where last Monday it was the scene for the festival by Timvision. But before offering himself to the photographers and to the bathroom to fans, Jolie has eaten something in the coffer. In the menu worked for that had been prepared for Michelle Pfeiffer there were, surprisingly, the focaccia from bari to demonstrate that the brand Puglia is really popular in the international jet set. For from this just passed has been a very important week. Milan was born Matria Puglia with Nancy dell’olio, the manager of bari Flaviana Facchini while in Rimini, the general manager of the giant hotel Talea, the brindisi Andrea on Saturday, beating the giants of the world of 5 star luxury and you won the prize of best breakfast made in Italy with il Melograno Monopoli. To close in beauty the parterre with a high rate of apulian even at the first of Aladin, at the Brancaccio with the salento adoption Stefania Orlando and Rossella Brescia from Martina Franca. To find out more, follow us.

Rimini, 6th October, in the beautiful setting of the conference centre, work at the Hospitality Day, the most important event of the year for the world of hospitality with over 7000 attendees including hoteliers, architects, journalists, interior designers and industry professionals.

The event highlight of the day was the awarding of the prize for those who excel in the world of breakfast , the Breakfast Award by 2019.

To win the title of best breakfast in Italy, in the category of 5 stars, was – surprise – the Pomegranate of Monopoli, in Puglia. The motivation of the jury, leaves no doubt: “For the freshness and the elegance of the environment dedicated to the breakfast, the high quality of products offered and the attention to experience local”.

To judge and to deliver the prize to the general manager of the facility and the group’s Cuttings Collection, the brindisi Andrea Saturday was a jury of experts formed by: Damiano De Crescenzo, general manager of Planetaria Hotels, Luigi Franchi, the director of Lounge & Kitchen, Mauro Santinato, president of Teamwork and Gaetano Barbuto, technical consultant and trainer area Food & Beverage. And the success of Andrea was not at all obvious, indeed. The Pomegranate, in fact, has exceeded the structures from the great international fame as the Park Hyatt Milan, Melià, Genoa, the Grand Hotel Sitea Turin the Grand Hotel Portovenere, La Spezia. The award comes at the end of a season of great successes, marked by presence of celebs in the structures of the group, from Peschiera at the same Pomegranate. Let’s talk about Carlo Verdone, Federica Pellegrini, Anna Foglietta, Mika and many others. Best wishes!

Will Milan keep the baptism Matria Puglia, a project born to celebrate the Puglia, its Mothers and Daughters, near and far, that with their history, bear daily witness to the indissoluble bond with the land of their origin.

Tuesday, October 8, in the local “Sea” there was the first meeting that has gathered in the capital of the lombard women of puglia of talent that will be in the coming months, a reflection of the cultural shared about the importance of networking. The first stars of the event were the women of puglia, who have told their experiences, the energy expended to achieve results in their career, the pride and the spirit of belonging. Starting with the special guest of the evening, Nancy Of the Oil, ambassador of Apulia in the World, continuing with Michela Dicanosa specialized in real estate finance and entrepreneur success down to the beautiful Flaviana Facchini expert in tourism communication and public relations of the representative of the luxury international hotels through Alessandra Monaco, a student, that has captured the national attention on Puglia after deciding last summer not to want to leave more after the holiday.” To conduct the meeting that has made the en plein of the public and the critics was Annamaria Ferretti, journalist and direttora of is an expert in gender policy, the creator of Matria Puglia. Also present Michele Galgano, the founder of the successful community social “the Ink of Puglia” and the actor Antonio Stornaiolo.

Matria Puglia will guide a Poster that will be presented in Milan and the subscription will also be open, live social. The first signature will be that of the advocate Of the Oil that was already known to the chronicles of gossip to be the girlfriend of Sven Ericsson.

The Manifesto of the “Matria Puglia”, in addition to weave the first international network of women of puglia in the movement, it also proposes to strengthen the cultural identity of Puglia in the World; and to promote the enhancement of the ties with the land of origin; promote and strengthen the positioning of the brand Puglia in the territories where they have established the associations of puglia in the world. Brave!

Daniela the Beginning, is his time in Puglia. Beautiful, blonde and launch ramp to the run of the Afternoon Norba, the journalist of bari has conducted the vip evening which saw as protagonist Diego della Palma. After the event, champagne to go research aiming. The Hole of Torre canne, instead of the last fires of the summer of the beautiful Olimpia Leo and husband Pablo Lozito one of the entrepreneurs most quoted of Puglia. Brunette and very chic, Olimpia receives in a flawless manner and you will earn together with Anna Degennaro Cassano the palm of the queen of socialite of Bari bien. In Ostuni, lunch in the autumn at the home of Marisa the Mountain to greet the journalist Mariella Milani, who, after a long and beautiful summer in the white city, is back in the capital called from the commitments of the tv and from the writing of her new book on fashion that promises to be a best sellers. In the luxurious residence of the doctor, while walking, and her husband, professor Alberto Tagliabue – luminary of the surgery of the head and throat – a selection of typical local dishes, with a barbecue and views the triumph of the sweet. At the table between crystals, lace, corbeilles of fruit, in addition to the journalist and her husband Henry, the entrepreneur, the writer Edoardo Pozio with the blonde companion, Loredana Determines and elegant Patrizia da Re the owner of a palatial mansion, newly renovated, in the hinterland of ostuni. Friends of the heart, and finally, in the beautiful house of the journalist Angela Anglani that often receives the lawyer brindisi, Roberto Fusco and the director of the museum of the capital of salento Anna Cinti between the living room-gallery with paintings of Guttuso and de Chirico, and the garden of lemons where she serves dinner precious based on raw and negroamaro.

Parterre of the great opportunities Wednesday at the Brancaccio for Aladin, the musical of the moment, which has attracted well-known faces from show biz. In the first row here is Lorella Cuccarini with her daughter, Marco Travaglio, Milena Miconi and her husband Mauro Graiani and her daughters, Stefania Orlando and her husband Simone, Gianlorenzi, Carolina Rey and Roberto Cipullo, Graziano Scarabicchi, Antonella Elia, Roberta Beta, Angela Melillo with Cesare San Mauro, Simona Branchetti, Alda d’eusanio, and Rossella Brescia. To accommodate the vip, as always, the beautiful Silvia Signorelli even more beautiful with a crew cut and an outfit easy chic. The three-hour show ended with a standing ovation 7 minutes. Special mention to the comedian Sergio Man in the actual state of grace.

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