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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an actress, director, producer, goodwill ambassador of UNHCR and a member of the Council on International Relations. Multiple film award winner.

Date of birth: 04/06/1975
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 1.69 m
Relationships: Johhny Lee Miller (1996-1999; divorce), Billy Bob Thornton (2000-2003; divorce), Brad Pitt (since 2005; married in 2014, separated in 2016, divorce in 2019) )
Children: three adopted – Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt (formerly Thornton Jolie), Zahara Jolie-Pitt (formerly Jolie), Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt and three biological: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Knox Jolie Pitt
The most important awards: Oscar, 3rd Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice statuette
Height: 1.69 m

Angelina Jolie: career beginnings

Angelina Jolie started her career in show business as a model. She started working for Finesse Model Management when she was only 14 years old. Jolie’s beauty ensures her success in the modeling industry, which resulted in new professional offers. He appears in several music videos, incl. Lenny Kravitz (“Stand by My Woman”). At the age of 16, he began his adventure with acting. She plays in the theater and in her brother’s student films. She starred in the first film in 1993 (“Cyborg 2: Glass You”). Two years later, he appeared in the Hollywood production of “Hackers”. It is this film that will open the door to her career. This production had an impact not only on her professional but also private life. On set, she met Johnny Lee Miller, whom she liked in 1996. In 1997, he appeared in the music video of one of the most popular rock bands in the world – The Rolling Stones (“Anybody Seen My Baby?”).

Angelina Jolie: career development

In 1998, he won one of the most important awards in the film industry – the Golden Globe. She was awarded for her supporting role in the 1997 biopic “George Wallace”. She also received her first Emmy nomination. Her subsequent roles were appreciated by critics (including the film “Gia” received the second Golden Globe). The following films include However, “Zmczenie materiau” or “Kolekcjoner koci” did not get the best reviews. In turn, on the set of the former, she met the future, the latter has Billy Bob Thorton. After two unsuccessful films, the moment of triumph has come. She received an Oscar (Best Supporting Actress) for the film “Interrupted Music Lesson”. In one of the interviews, the star confessed that the statuette was … lost. “I am giving the Oscar to my mother, Marcheline. I haven’t seen him since she passed away. I have no idea where he could be,” she explained.

Angelina Jolie: popular

Although Jolie has won several prestigious awards, it was the role of Lara Croft that brought her popularity. “Lara Croft: Tomb Rider” is a box-office hit – the film will earn $ 275 million worldwide. Jolie became a great star – she was engaged in subsequent superproductions. The actress gained immense popularity, however, her roles were not appreciated by critics. It was for her role as Lara Croft that she received her first Golden Raspberry nomination for the worst actress. The subsequent films turned out to be a failure as well. Three years in a row (2003, 2004, 2005) she was nominated for the Golden Raspberry award. With a break, the 2005 movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was a hit comedy. In three days, he will earn over $ 50 million (only in the US!). Worldwide, he will earn almost $ 480 million in total. On the set of the film, she met her future partner (and then the father of her children and has), Brad Pitt. In 2007 she made her debut as a director. Then her documentary “A Place in Time” was released. She also directed “The Land of Honey and Blood” (2011) and “Niezomny” (2014). In 2008, he starred in the film “Cheated” – received a second Oscar nomination. In the same year, she voiced her first voice in an animated film (“Kung Fu Panda”). The film will be released in the second part. Another film aimed at younger audiences was “The Witch” from 2014. in “Salt” and “Turycie”.

Angelina Jolie: Humanitarian Action

Angelina Jolie in 2001, while in Kambody, began to engage in humanitarian activities. They will also decide to adopt a child from that country (I have Madoxx, then she also adopted Zahar from Ethiopia and Pax from Vietnam). She visited refugee camps. She went on humanitarian missions, incl. to Tanzania. He helps refugees from Afghanistan (donated $ 1 million to them). They also travel to Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia (and the North Caucasus). Participates in the celebrations of the World Refugee Day. She met many times with members of the US Congress.

Angelina Jolie: awards

Jolie is the winner of many film awards. Among others, she received an Oscar (2000), 3rd Golden Globe (1998, 1999, 2000), Saturn (2009), Critics’ Choice statuette (2000), 3rd Teen Choice statuettes (2005). In addition, she will receive nominations from, among others Baft and Emma Awards.

Angelina Jolie: Private Life

Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller got married in 1996, or was it amazing. The actress, instead of the traditional wedding dress, wears a white T-shirt and black leather pants. In addition, on the front of her own blood she wrote the name of the future mother. A few months later the marriage announced her separation, and in February 1999 she divorced. In 1995, the couple appeared in the movie “Hackers”. In 2014, Jolie reveals that she is still on friendly terms with her first meme.

Billy Bob Thornton was Angelina Jolie’s second meme, to be married to a star 20 years her senior. Thornton was then drunk once on the wedding carpet. They married in Las Vegas in May 2000, after two months of a troubled relationship. It was not a spectacular celebration. Jolie and Thornton met in 1999 on the set of “Material Fatigue”. Two months later they were already married, from the very beginning of which the press had a strong interest in the press all over the world. The feeling did not survive the test of time – the decision to split is made two years after the Vegas wedding. The divorce officially ended in 2003.

The beginning of the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took place in an atmosphere of scandal. They both starred in the sensational comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. He was then a Jennifer Aniston meme, but a beautiful partner on the plan to turn the star in the head. They were seen together on numerous occasions in the course of work, and off-set, though they both denied the increasingly frequent rumors of an affair. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been together since 2004. or they were taken on August 23, 2014 in the French actors’ estate Chateau Miraval. During her relationship with Brad, Angelina gave birth to three children and adopted them. The couple were separated on 15 September 2015. They received the divorce documents in 2019, but the court battle is still going on.

Angelina Jolie: health problems

In a 2013 Jolie article in The New York Times, she reported that she had undergone double mastectomy (then reproductive surgery). The actress was diagnosed with the presence of a BRCA1 gene mutation, which increases the risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. In 2015, she underwent surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The main reason for this decision was the death of Jolie’s mother, who died of cancer.

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