Angelina Jolie’s brother takes on father role as kids refuse to meet Brad Pitt


  • Angelina Jolie’s brother James Haven prioritizes protecting and supporting his sister and children.
  • James organized his life to spend time with Angelina and her children through their growing years.
  • Despite rumors of a feud, James and Angelina remain close, while Brad Pitt is in trouble with his children.

Angelina Jolie’s children may have a tenuous relationship with their father, Brad Pitt, but her brother seems to have been taking on the role of parent in the years since his parents’ divorce.

Angelina’s brother James Harvin recently spoke to 90who10 He opened up about his relationship with his sister and her children on the podcast, admitting they are his priority.



Does Brad Pitt have a great time talking to all his kids?

Brad Pitt’s relationship with some of his children has become complicated following his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Angelina’s brother says his life revolves around her and kids

Angelina Jolie and James Harvin
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“That’s how it all started, starting with protecting her and her children – my nieces and nephews,” James explained. “I organized my life so that I could face any situation. I wanted to be there for them. Or for her—whatever she’s going through.”

While James didn’t directly address Brad and Angelina’s divorce, he said their children have been going through a “huge growth period” recently, which is part of the reason he’s so willing to be there for his niece and new parents.

“They’re becoming young guys in their early 20s. I think it’s natural and I just want to be out there anytime. Anytime I’m lucky enough to be around them, I want to be around them,” James continued, who Like Angelina, she is also an actress.

James and Angelina — whose parents are Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand — have never been shy about showing off their close relationship, despite the controversy it brought them. The pair made headlines in 2000 when they shared a passionate kiss on the lips at an Oscars post-party.

“I love my brother so much,” Angelina said while accepting the award earlier in the night. “You are the strongest, most amazing man I know and I love you.”

Brad Pitt has no issues with Angelina’s brother

Brad Pitt attends press conference
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In 2016, reports surfaced that James was becoming more actively involved in Angelina’s life during her divorce, helping take care of the children, and Brad apparently wasn’t bothered by James’ involvement.

“Brad thinks very highly of James. He has always been incredible with the kids and very popular in his family,” a source told reporters US Weekly At the time, James added that he had become “Manny” to his children.


These Angelina Jolie movies have grossed over $100 million at the box office

Angelina Jolie has captivated audiences with her talent and beauty since the 1980s, so it’s no wonder she’s starred in a plethora of profitable movies.

There have been reports that a rift has developed between Angelina and James in recent years, especially when he encouraged her to reconcile with her father. But given James’ recent comments, the two brothers appear to still be close.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is reportedly struggling with his children. Angelina’s ongoing custody case against him not only makes it difficult for him to see his children on a regular basis, but it also seems like some may not want to have a close relationship with him.

Late last year, his son Pax posted an alleged Father’s Day post on a secret Instagram account that was leaked, slamming Brad for being a bad parent. Likewise, his daughter Zahara appears to have cast a shadow when she dropped her father’s surname when she went to college and now only uses her mother’s surname, Jolie.

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