Angry former WWE Champion looks to issue Seth Rollins a warning on WWE Raw after clash with The Rock

Last week, The Rock made a strong comeback as the red brand entered 2024. Tonight at the Fashion Center in Portland, Oregon, they stayed true to that same spirit and featured several top stars in some stunning clips. Having said that, Jinder Mahal is out again with his hate speech. This earned him the wrath of “The Freak” Seth Rollins in a heated promotional war.

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The former WWE Champion aims to wreak havoc on the WWE roster in recent matches. Last week, I tried to sabotage a great return, only to be forced to adjust my attitude. The People’s Champion wipes him out with the People’s Elbow.

But Mahal is not one to sit still. Tonight, his presence brings an unexpected disruption to Rollins’ business.


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He dismissed the visionary’s boastful remarks to the crowd and exchanged sarcastic remarks before surprising him from behind.

Modern Maharaja attempted to plan Rollins with Karas, but ultimately failed to do so. The World Heavyweight Champion aimed to respond with a blackout, but even he failed to deliver some punishment.

Mahal narrowly escapes fatal roadside stampede. However, he had his sights set on the World Heavyweight Championship belt and earned the opportunity next week.

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