“Angry”, the new single from the Rolling Stones

It is the group’s 34th studio album. This is a group that has sold more than 200 million records around the world since their appearance in 1964.

They hadn’t released an album in 18 years, the last collection of original Stones songs was A Bigger Bang in 2005. So perhaps it was an address to their fans that “Don’t get angry with mee”, a way of saying come on don’t blame me.

The Stones, some of whom wondered at the start if they would let their daughter go out with boys like that, have become an institution “the ultimate rock’n’roll band”, as was said this Wednesday during the press conference.

A global event

Thousands of fans were connected from Argentina, there were some who were in Spain, Brazil, Japan, Ukraine. Many were impatient, even if there is a certain joy in seeing Mick Jagger still sparkling and jumping, he who celebrated his 80th birthday last July.

There has been no earth-shattering information, no tour or concert announcement yet. Keith Richards says he still loves going to the studio. With the group, even if the stage remains “the ultimate grail”, I quote, we know that Lady Gaga sings on a track from the album, Bill Wyman too, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney also make an appearance.

The absent

The big absentee is of course Charlie Watts, the beating chorus of the Stones who died in 2021. We know that it is Steve Jordan who now holds the drumsticks with the blessing of Watts himself.

We should find Charlie Watts on two titles since there were tracks which had been recorded in 2019 and which were still unexploited.

The words of “Angry”

In addition to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger a third name is credited on this track: Andrew Watt, the young producer that the Stones chose for this album. Born in 1990, he worked as a guitarist or producer with Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Justin Bieber, he is also a very good singer. And this song has all the well-known Stones formula: a very heavy foot (and bass), an incisive riff and striking lyrics.

A double meaning text, always inspired by the blues “It hasn’t rained for months, the river is dry” translation to the following verse: “We haven’t made love and I want to know why. Why are you angry “

“Don’t spit in my face, I’ll keep taking my pills and take off for Brazil.” A suspected breakup or a desire to end well, we can think a lot of things about these words.

I don’t know if you are in your kitchen or maybe in your car, I recommend the clip as a ride in a red convertible in Hollywood, a girl in tight leather dancing in the back seat, while the giant posters of the boulevards come to life and show the Stones in action, on stage and over more than five decades.

Nothing to get angry about, on the contrary.

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