Ania Rusowicz has hair like Billie Eilish. Metamorphosis

Ania Rusowicz treated herself to a bold metamorphosis. The star changed her hairstyle, which looks just like Billie Eilish. Does this color suit her?

Billie Eilish from the beginning of her career, she was faithful to the original hairstyle. The star wore her hair dyed bright colors. Neon offsets have even become her trademark, so as soon as she decided to return to her natural shade, many almost fell.

Billie Eilish’s photos in the blender have become the most-liked photos in Instagram history. So far, it has been liked by over 22 million users of the popular social platform. Only photography Cristiano Ronaldo with her mother generated more reactions.

The singer’s metamorphosis was widely reported in the media, and when it seemed that we would no longer see anyone in show business in an equally motley hairstyle, she unexpectedly appeared Ania Rusowicz.

Ania Rusowicz has a hairstyle like Billie Eilish

The singer who first gained popularity as a duo star Dezire, then the band’s singer IKAuntil she finally started working under her own name, she showed herself considerably changed. A fan of retro style and the daughter of a stage legend – Ada Rusowicz, who was faithful first to black and then red hair, unexpectedly treated it with an azure-turquoise shade.

She summed up her transformation with a tongue-in-cheek comment:

The hair does its job… A little Billie Eilish a little Billie Jean.

Ania Rusowicz’s metamorphosis lasted only a few seconds and was the result of a modification in the graphic program. Nevertheless, it caused a lot of emotions among Internet users who follow her profile. In the comments they say that the singer now looks “wonderful”, “pretty” and “beautiful”, they also ask not to go pink.

Who is Ania Rusowicz?

Ania Rusowicz was born in 1983. In 2005, she co-created a duo Dezirewhich she left after two years. From 2009 to 2011, she was part of the IKA team, which she founded with her husband, Hubert Gasiul. After the end of the group’s activities, Rusowicz focused on a solo career. She has released four albums, of which she has a debut My Big-Bit he covered himself with gold. he has four Fryderyk awards to his credit. In 2017, she gave birth to a son, Tytus.

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