Aniston and Pitt at the 2000 Oscars

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Rachel from “Friends” first appeared at the 2000 Oscars opposite Brad Pitt. Interestingly, the award for the best supporting role in “Interrupted Music Lesson” was then received by Angelina Jolie, who a few years later broke up a Hollywood marriage.

In 2000, the Oscars were held in the shadow of Y2K. At the end of 1999, it was feared that all computers would stop working on New Year’s Day. That didn’t happen, but the Oscar-winning problems didn’t end there. First, the ballots disappeared, then the statuettes were stolen. The gala itself heralded a new era – irony, camp, consciously bad taste. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone dressed on the red carpet as Gwyneth Paltrow (in a pink Ralph Lauren gown from the 1999 Oscars) and Jennifer Lopez (jungle dress Versace from the Grammy). They admitted that they had taken LSD before the ceremony. The 2021 Oscars bear a greater burden – it was decided to organize the gala despite the still unchecked pandemic situation in the world. Stars hungry for the glare of the headlights will certainly appear on it.

At the Vanity Fair party at Morton’s Restaurant in Los Angeles after the Oscar-winning gala in 2000, there were no hotter couples than Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. She had changed her hairstyle “for Rachel” into a long, smooth and upright blonde, the muscles playing under her tanned skin, and the neckline almost to the navel was emphasized by a diamond choker. He, in a tuxedo and white shirt, also looked like after a good vacation. His hair color was the same as his beloved. In fact, they were so perfectly matched that they almost looked like siblings.

At the same Oscars, another couple appeared in black – Angelina Jolie, who received the award for Best Supporting Role for “Music Lesson Interrupted”, and her brother, James Haven. Both in trailing outfits, pale and with a slightly absent gaze, they resembled the vampires from the movie “Only lovers will survive.” Thus, Jolie fueled rumors about an unhealthy lifestyle and too close relations with her brother. At the Vanity Fair party, she placed a kiss on his lips, declaring that she was “in love” with him. A few months later she married Billy Bob Thornton, and when hugging him at subsequent galas, she claimed that the love was only “brotherly” and the couple’s parents found her affection with James “cute.”

Back then, nobody expected Hollywood’s golden couple, Jennifer and Brad, to break up because of this femme fatale. When Pitt met Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004, he completely lost his mind. He had a group of children with the actress, a castle in France and the status of the hottest show business family. The alleged idyll lasted until 2016, when she filed for divorce. They are still judging today. Jolie persuaded the children to testify against their father. She separated them from him. Pitt’s alcoholism was revealed. Jolie also suggests that he used violence against the family. “She broke his heart with it,” say my friends. – Nobody wins in court. The only question is who will come out less hurt – I once heard from a lawyer. This is unfortunately true – Pitt said in an interview with “GQ”. A few days ago, the eldest Maddox testified that his father had punched him in the face several years ago.

Fans still dream about Jennifer and Brad getting back together. A year ago, they held their breath as Pitt congratulated Aniston on the backstage award at SAG. Since then, it has not been possible to photograph them together. Instead, they performed together at Zoom during a virtual reading of dialogues from the film “Carefree Years at Ridgemont High”. “They flirted it was nice,” commented viewers. Aniston is not lucky in love. After her joint appearance with Brad in 2000, she reappeared at the Oscars six years later, fresh out of her divorce, to present the statuette for the best costumes. In 2009, she was accompanied by John Mayer John Mayer, and in 2013 and 2015 – by her fiancé Justin Theroux. In 2017, they appeared as spouses, and a year later announced their separation. – I like being single, but I hate dating – Aniston said in an interview with Howard Stern in 2019. Unfortunately, no one wants to take her word for it.

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