Anna Castillo was the actress for this leading film on Netflix, with Zendaya and Ana de Armas being candidates before her

Primero, fue un barco en Shipwrecks, by Hitchcock. Decades later, España hizo que ese solitario barco pareciera un paraíso al lado del ataúd en el que Rodrigo Cortés encircled a Ryan Reynolds en Buried. Y, from this, the caution of a protagonist in a place cada vez más small and inconvenient turns into a moda: the maletero of a coach in Brakean elevator in Phase 15 there is a tube in… The tube.

This habit has tended to be a thing of the last few years, of course, without a Spanish director and it is ready to be resuscitated. These films are mainly based on the pillars: the space is hidden and retained. If you still choose your suitable ones, the story will not be lost or many people will die, but only one person can die. There it is, in Nowhereno ocurre.

Image of ‘Nowhere’

Anna Castillo, the star container

Netflix acaba to incorporate your catalog into a proprietary title, Nowheredirected by Albert Pintoauthor of Malasana 32 and one of those responsible for The Paper House. The film unfolded in a postapocalyptic world and, before the end of the story, women are prohibited from embarazadas. Pero the protagonist of Nowhere Incumple is a norm, as if you have to escape to Ireland, where motherhood is permitted. The unique form of handling is embutiéndose, junto a su pareja, en un maritime container. Sin embargo, la compañía does not last mucho: una tormenta arroja el receptáculo al oceano y la mujer queda sola, a merced de las olas y en completa obscuridad.

Image of ‘Nowhere’

In an interview for eCarteleraAlbert Pintó signaled that these stories are the protagonists of men: to record something similar to Nowhereas the survivor is, in reality, a survivor, who lived back in 2002, when she was released The dwelling of the panicwith Jodie Foster and a actress Kristen Stewart.

“We have a lot of chicas for this paper,” explained Pintó, “ya ​​that, in principle, I have to have a more international scale and I have to speak in English. Included Aunt Zendaya and Ana de Armas”. Sin embargo, Netflix’s mediation is definitive for Pintó to decide to post a reparto (or, more precisely, by the actors) in Spanish. The escogida of Anna Castillo, so that, during a sequence of the film, it flashed Tamar Novas.

Tamar Novas, in ‘Nowhere’

“I was surprised by the importance of being a companion, because the compañero builds you”, signal, also al mismo medio, Anna Castillo, where Pintó defines as “new Meryl Streep”. For the action, this paper has assumed “a learning”, perhaps that, at the beginning, the failure of an aliado on the screen provokes the “cojera” that, a medida que avanzaba el metraje, fue capaz de aliviar.

Curiously, Anna Castillo stars in a film by Rodrigo Cortésexcept for all the films as Nowhere Possibly does not exist, so that, if at any time you feel lost in the container, you will have to return to the advice bus.

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