Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are ready!

The long-awaited sequel to the 2018 film, A Simple Favor, is arriving sooner than expected, with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick set to return

Darcey Bell’s acclaimed mystery novel will return to the screen in the highly anticipated sequel to A Small Favor. The 2018 film, directed by the director of Ghostbusters Paul Feigewill continue to tell its story with its protagonists Blake Lively And Anna Kendrickwhich they will return to interpret Emily Nelson And Stephanie Smothers.

Arriving A Small Favor 2!

A small favor 2

A small favor. Amazon Prime Videos

Announced in mid-2022, the sequel has been in development for some time now and finally there is some news about it. Thanks to a report, some details of the plot have been revealed, in addition to the possible start date of filming. The film will be set in Capri, Italy, and filming will begin this fall. The sequel comes from the collaboration between Lionsgate and Amazon Studios, although it is unknown if the project will be another big screen release or directly streamed on Prime Video. Also Jessica Sharker he will return to write the screenplay.

The end of the first film saw Stephanie go big with her mystery-solving blog, starting a new career focused on the new talent. Emily got what she deserved for what she did and the result showed us Lively’s character willing to take control of her new environment, as she always has with everything around her.

The sequel will surely see the protagonists meet again and involved in a new game of secrets and lies, involving them directly or with a new story linked to other characters, given Stephanie’s new life. Another who could be a key piece in the new puzzle is Sean, played by Henry Goldingalthough at the moment it has not been confirmed if the actor will return to accompany Lively and Kendrick in the sequel.

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