Anna Kendrick: height, movies and oscars

dlet’s say it openly: we’re rooting for all the Anna Kendrick of the world. Sure, she’s an actress, she’s known – without being very well known – and during her career she’s had the opportunity to sharing the set with the Hollywood giants of yesterday and today.

Anna starred with Ben Affleck, Tim Roth, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Ben Stiller, George Clooney. Not exactly the people you meet at the bar downstairs in the morning when you have breakfast, of course.

But even before her status as an actress, the first feeling Anna gives you is of normality. It is not unattainably beautiful, is a familiar beauty, the girl next door. And she is good.

Anna Kendrick. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Anna Kendrick’s Beginnings

The beginnings are similar to many other actresses. In her the sacred fire it has been present since childhood. Parents had nothing to do with show businessbut this did not represent an obstacle or a problem for Anna.

«I have been dancing and singing since I was a child», he told years ago to FAN BOLTS, «I always wanted to perform and be on stage. And this it already happened when I was just six years old; things haven’t changed over the years.”

Anna Kendrick at the 2021 Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic,)

She considers herself lucky to have parents.who have always treated me with great maturity and respect despite being so small. They paid attention to me and they listened to me even though I was just a little girl who kept saying she wanted to go to Broadway. They helped me achieve my dream and I will be forever grateful that they did.”

The turning point in his career

The career of an actress can be built in many ways. There can be bit parts in big movies, interesting roles in independent productions, that certain play you’ve been dying to read, the activity of dubbing (for example, it is her voice of Poppy in the animated film Trolls World Tour).

But if to all this you can add a nice and solid presence within a film series that collectively have grossed nearly three and a half billion dollarswell, let’s say that Things change. And especially, change career.

The premiere of Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks in 2012 in Hollywood. (Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Anna Kendrick E Twilight

The series – better, the saga – is that of Twilight and the actress originally from Maine (she was born in Portland on August 9, 1985) is one of the protagonists of the four episodes: after Twilight there are New Moon, Eclipse And Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Everyone knows the story.

Anna plays Jessica Stanley, Bella’s friend. The melodramon goes around the world, the teenagers sigh at every appearance of Robert Pattinson (some have not stopped even today after reaching a comfortable middle age) and Anna, presumably, puts the future in order (read: the bank account) for himself and for a few generations to come.

Below, the actress in Twilight

«I auditioned for Twilight because the casting director had seen me in a movie called Rocket Science», Anna told a well-known weekly. “I thought it was an audition I didn’t want to do. I said, well, you will, so that the casting director think of me for other things».

Her friend Mae Whitman was also at the audition “and we were wondering”what are we doing here?”. Obviously we will never interpret this character.”

Memories, not always beautiful

As it often happens, the story goes differently. But, despite a global success, after a few years the memories of him are not all so pleasant.

“I just remember my sneakers being soaked all the time,” she said, “and I thought it was a really great group of people. I’m sure we’d be friends some other time, but now I want to kill everyone! There was something common, like going through a traumatic event, like people who survive a hostage situation. This it’s something that binds you for life».

Anna Kendrick in Pitch perfect

His artistic skills emerge in the trilogy of Pitch perfectanother successful saga and thanks to his interpretation of the song Cups reaches the sixth place in the standings Billboard. Not just an actress, Anna is one performer.

For someone who is not a dancer, actor or singer, the thought of going on stage and performing in front of an audience of strangers seems like a mission Impossiblealmost paralyzing. But nervousness and tension, for those born to dance, sing, act, remain in the background. And, if there are, you learn to manage them.

“Things probably they get harder as you get older». When he was seventeen «I was in the cast of the musical A Little Night Music at the New York City Opera».

On the evening of the opening «I suddenly realized that how many people were actually present in the theater to watch the show. Then you go on stage, do what you have to do and you forget about all those people who are watching you. But, yes, at that moment I experienced a kind of small panic attack. That’s an age where you’re not always sure if you really want that the others are all there to watch you».

The Many Faces of Anna Kendrick

stiffendressed as a schoolgirl, a little submissive, never over the top and then able to dance on the tables, provoke. And this is certainly one of his trump cards. Aren’t you the woman everyone turns to when she walks into the room? It is not true: she decides if she wants to be watched.

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in the movie A small favor. (Photo by Peter Iovino).

Take a look at A small favor. At the beginning is the perfect mom which makes all the others feel not up to par, then dare dizzying heelswide necklines and it also turns out that she slept… with the step brother! Always with a touch of irony, without taking itself too seriously.

Anna Kendrick and the nude scenes

Beware, though: the actress’s point of view on the nudity or sex scenes it is very clear. “I do not have never had any problems with sex scenes simulations that concern the character,” he told al Sydney Morning Herald.
Reserved on set, reserved in life. In February of 2014, she made hers public relationship with cinematographer Ben Richardsonmet on the set of the film Drinking Buddies – Drinking buddiesbut from then on he made sure to keep his private life out of the spotlight and from the lenses of the paparazzi. So far it seems to have succeeded.

Anna Kendrick in the movie Between the clouds

The film that made her famous and earned her a nominations at the Oscars as best leading actress is Between the clouds. Anna Kendrick is Natalie, thead garlic machine in grass that learn the trade from George Clooney ending up acquiring greater awareness and sensitivity.

“I’d say it was the my best professional experience» he said. “There more fun and also the most rewarding one. There was a perfect combination between the script, my character, the presence of George Clooney and Jason Reitman (the director of the film, ed). I could never have asked for better».

And on the relationship with Clooney? In the sense, what does it mean to have George Clooney in front of you – even before working with him? “I was just terrified because we are talking about one of most famous movie stars in the world. Just a fool wouldn’t he feel a little intimidated in front of him.”

George Clooney and Amal Clooney at the premiere of The Tender Bar in 2021. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Furthermore, he added, “George is fully aware of the effect he has on people, but despite this the most beautiful thing is that he always tries to put you at ease. He puts all of himself into creating a relaxed atmosphere. Yup, it was wonderful to work with him».

George Clooney, 60 years of eternal sex symbol

George Clooney, 60 years of eternal sex symbol

The anecdote about his first love

The news – the real one – is that even the good ones and normal they can star with George Clooney. And then, listen to this anecdote. “When I was in elementary school,” she said, “my first love was called Robbie. When I told him I liked him, he replied that I was too short and this thing had broken my heart. I like being short, it doesn’t create any problems for me».

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Anna is one meter and 57 tall. Small correction: it’s not that we’re rooting for her, it’s that one can’t help but root for Anna Kendrick.


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