Anna Lewandowska boasted that she is already decorating the Christmas tree

Anna Lewandowska has officially started the Christmas season. The star praised what Klara is doing. The girl was looking forward to December.

Anna Lewandowska is one of the most famous stars of Polish show business. She is famous not only because she is the wife of one of the best footballers in the world, but she is also constantly developing her own businesses. It is she who encourages female fans to exercise regularly and take care of a healthy diet. A fitness trainer herself is the best advertisement for the companies she runs, because after two pregnancies she can boast an almost perfect figure.

Although she is extremely busy, along with Robert Lewandowski they managed to create a wonderful family. The spouses have two children. Together, they raise a 4-year-old daughter Klara and Laurawho just turned 1.5 years old. Ania, despite her professional duties and private life, is also very active in social media. It is there that he shares interesting facts from his private life.

Anna Lewandowska officially starts the holiday season

Ania has gathered a huge group of fans who follow her professional life, but especially her private life. On Instagram, her account is watched by 3.5 million users, which is one of the best results in Polish show business. They are very curious how the star spends time at home. The Lewandowscy are very kind to their observers and willingly share fragments of everyday life. They recently recorded a video in which they answered questions about their relationship.

Lewa often provides a fan question window on his profile, where he answers most of the questions that bother them. Internet users ask a lot of questions about her companies, but it cannot be denied that they want to know the most about the trainer and her relatives. One of the internet users asked the star when she plans to decorate the Christmas tree this year. It turned out that the trainer was already starting Christmas preparations.

We are starting today – wrote Ania.

As proof of this, she boasted a photo of Klara wearing a Christmas tree, which you can see in our gallery. You can see that the girl is looking forward to the days ahead. You also start the holiday season so early this year, or are you patiently waiting until December?

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