Anna Lewandowska revealed how she addressed her husband. She also confessed that they are already decorating the Christmas tree

Anna Lewandowska is very active on the web. Her profile on Instagram is watched by over 3.5 million users. Every now and then, Robert Lewandowski’s wife organizes a Q&A, during which she answers fans’ questions. So it was this time.

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Anna Lewandowska answered fans’ questions

Fans asked Anna Lewandowska mainly about supplementation, but there were also other, slightly more private questions. “When do you decorate the Christmas tree?” – Internet users wanted to know. “We are starting today” – wrote the wife of “Lewy” on Instagram. She also showed a picture of Klara at the Christmas tree.


Anna Lewandowska answered questions from fans

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Fans also wanted to know how Anna Lewandowska addresses her husband. “Honey or Robert?” – they asked. “Lewciu” replied the wife of Robert Lewandowski. By the way, she showed a photo with her beloved.


Anna Lewandowska answered questions from fans

Anna Lewandowska also revealed how many times a week she exercises. “It depends on my well-being … Recently, 3-4 times a week … I had to let go a bit, but I’m coming back. Now I hope 4-5 times, because the challenge is starting any day. Ps. Honestly, I have a harder time with my children, who do not sleep well at night recently, especially Laura (younger). We have been like that for two weeks plus work “- confessed the wife of Robert Lewandowski.


Anna Lewandowska answered questions from fans

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