Anna Lewandowska told about the adventure at the airport. “Gentlemen were bursting with laughter”

Anna Lewandowska’s holiday is over. The personal trainer first rested with her husband and daughters in Dubai, and then alone with the children in the Maldives. Lewy’s wife and daughters are already at home in Munich.

A personal trainer shared with fans a story that took place at an airport in the Maldives. – It was not without small adventures … I had one suitcase packed for three of us (because it is more convenient). It turned out at the check-in that I have 14 kg of excess baggage !!! – Anna Lewandowska began her story. – The maximum weight of one piece of luggage is 32 kg and a total of two suitcases per person – she explained.

The wife of the captain of the Polish national football team was surprised that she had such excess luggage, because, as she emphasized, “she flew in with the same luggage”. – The Lord said that I had to do something about these 14 kilos … Considering that we were almost late for the plane … I started to open the suitcase which, to my surprise, split into two parts – she announced.

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– I forgot that sports suitcases have an additional zipper. The gentlemen were laughing at the check-in … – summed up Anna Lewandowska. “The problem was solved in five seconds,” she admitted, amused.

Photo: Instagram / annalewandowskahbpa

Anna Lewandowska told about the adventure at the airport

At home in Munich, Anna Lewandowska decided to check whether her luggage really weighed 46 kg. – Out of curiosity, I now weighed both parts of the suitcase, because I was flying 32 kg with my luggage … – she admitted

It turned out that one part weighed 20.8 kg and the other 15.2 kg. – Hmm … So it was not 14 kg of excess luggage … Only 4, which I would have put somewhere – she summed up. However, she added that she respects these types of rules.

Photo: Instagram / annalewandowskahbpa

Anna Lewandowska’s entry on Instastory

Earlier, the athlete told fans how Klara and Laura endured the long journey.

– The girls managed bravely during the flight. 17 hours of travel. Of course, it was not without small quarrels – she confessed, and shared lovely photos from the plane.

Photo: Instagram / annalewandowskahbpa

Anna Lewandowska showed photos from the plane

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