Anna Wendzikowska is 40 years old. How did her career go?

Love for movies and travel, perfect presence and interviews with the biggest movie stars. Anna Wendzikowska makes her dreams come true and fulfills herself as both a mother and a journalist. What was her way to the top?

The history of Anna Wendzikowska’s career

Few Polish journalists can boast of such a portfolio as Anna Wendzikowska. The TVN star has talked to the biggest Hollywood stars. She was interviewed by: Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Mila Kunis, Russell Crowe, Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling – this is only part of the acting elite that she had the opportunity to question. Previously, she tried her hand at acting, polishing her workshop with Halina and Jan Machulski and at the Lart studio in Krakow. Ultimately, however, it turned out that journalism was her true calling.

As she emphasizes, the beginnings were not easy. However, thanks to her determination, she knows that she did it all by herself.

– I made the first material myself. Then I made an appointment with the producer of DDTVN, he liked the material and so I became a correspondent for DDTVN from London – it was in 2007 – she confessed in one of the interviews. – Two years later I returned to Poland and since then I have been associated with the program. In my opinion, if you have a goal, determination and an idea for yourself, you can easily find a place for yourself in the media. You certainly do not need the so-called acquaintances – she pointed out.

In one of the posts on social media, she confessed that at the start she did not have the confidence that came with the experience in front of the camera.

– Leicester Square, London. It all started here … I did my first interviews on the red carpet … – she wrote on her Instagram account. When I’m in London, I like to come here, reminisce and think about how I came a long way from that crazy girl with a microphone in 2007 who was freezing and getting wet in this square waiting for the stars – she recalled.

She combines her media career with raising two children: Kornelia, born in 2015, and her younger sister, who was born in 2018.

Anna Wendzikowska’s travels

The journalist is extremely active on the Internet, where she willingly reports on her closer and longer journeys. Anna Wendzikowska has never hidden the fact that exploring new places is her greatest passion. She even set herself a very ambitious 40th birthday goal.

-I am in Guadeloupe! It is supposed to be an overseas department of France, but it has its president and I am not going to consult with anyone. I count Guadeloupe as the next country on my list – revealed Anna Wendzikowska in one of the posts. – My plan was to visit 100 countries by the end of this year, for some of my round birthdays … You know what came, so the plan fell apart …

However, this does not mean that her tourist soul has reasons to worry. On the list of countries visited by Anna Wendzikowska, you can find such gems as me South Korea, United States, Bahamas, Maldives and Seychelles. So it only remains to wish that the dreams of the next expeditions will come true.

Watch the video: Hollywood is changing? Anna Wendzikowska tells the story

Main photo source: Kamil Piklikiewicz / East News

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