Anne Hathaway about working with Christopher Nolan. “Chris does not agree that there are chairs on the set”

Anne Hathaway and Christopher Nolan

Anne Hathaway in an interview with Hugh Jackman told about working on a film set for Christopher Nolan. As it turns out, the British director does not allow the actors to use cell phones. She also does not agree to the fact that there are chairs on the set.

I’ve worked with him twice. He does not accept chairs, and he explains it by the fact that if there are chairs on the set, people sit on them. AND when they are sitting, they are not working. He makes these incredible films that are not only full of momentum, ambition, technical novelties, but also emotions. And he always finishes his shots ahead of schedule and below the previously approved budget. I think it has something to do with these chairs

the actress told Hugh for Variety.

Despite these surprising methods, Anne praised the director. She admitted that his approach to filmmaking is one of her favorites. She described Nolan’s productions as minimalist, and at the same time huge and rich.

This combination is intentional and it’s very inspiring

– Oscar-winner emphasized for a supporting role in “Les Misérables”.

The American Film Academy has invited several hundred new members.  Among them were Poles

Christopher Nolan and his methods

Christopher Nolan has an extraordinary approach to work, and his original ideas are appreciated not only by actors but also viewers. This is evidenced by the millions of dollars in profits his films bring. The director has a comic book series about the adventures of Batman, as well as productions such as “Dunkirk”
if “Interstellar”.

On August 12, his new spy drama will be released in cinemas Tenet. Will it be equally successful? We will find out about it soon.

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