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The lead role in “The Devil Wears Prada” marked a career turning point for Anne Hathaway. After the premiere of this production, the actress gained the recognition of viewers and critics and went to the Hollywood premier league. Interestingly, Hathaway was not the filmmakers’ first choice – they insisted on the candidacy of Rachel McAdams. The latter, however, consistently rejected the label’s offer. And Anne Hathaway fought for this role just as consistently.

As former Fox 2000 CEO Elizabeth Gabler recently recalled in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress impressed the producers with her determination. “I remember sitting in my office explaining why she should get the role. Her sensitivity and ambition convinced us. Anne never gave up, never stopped calling her until we hired her,” revealed Gabler.

Hathaway decided to commemorate her role in this film in a special way. As she confessed in an interview with Access, after completing the production, she took some of the costume she was wearing on the set. The protagonist Andy Sachs, played by her, is still criticized at the beginning of the film for her weight. Hathaway had to be disguised in such a way as to present on the screen the visual metamorphosis that her character succumbs to over time.

“For the role, I lost a lot of weight, and we wanted to show Andy’s physical transformation. So I had to wear a special butt enlargement insert. After we finished shooting, I took it home, framed it and hung it on the wall. revealed a star.

Hathaway confessed in one of the earlier interviews that she was very anxious to get a role in the film. “The script just spoke to me. This story touched on a topic that was extremely important to me, it told about important things in a joyful and light way. I knew that I just had to star in this movie” – the actress revealed.

It is not surprising, then, that the moment she was informed that she had been elected, she fell into ecstasy. “I remember that moment when I picked up the phone and found out that I got the role. I started running around the apartment, screaming and shouting that I was going to play in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. It was an incredible joy,” recalls the star.

The film, which hit theaters in 2006, received two Oscar nominations and five BAFTA nominations. On June 30, the cast celebrated its 15th anniversary.

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