Anne Hathaway caught on set. The actress changed her hairstyle significantly. She looks very girly


Anne Hathaway is considered one of Hollywood’s most coveted actresses. The actress has had many professional successes and even received an Oscar for the lead role in the musical “Les Misérables”. After many intense years of work, she decided to slow down a bit and focus more on her family life. Two years ago, she announced that she was expecting a second child. Since then, she has moved into the shadows of show business. At the end of 2019, the actress gave birth to another child and hid in the privacy of her home. As it turns out, she has decided to return to the screens for good, and the latest photos of the paparazzi are the best proof of this.

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Anne Hathaway and Dev Patel about love, the trailer for the series “Modern Love”

Anne Hathaway caught on the set of the show. The actress put on a new haircut

Anne Hathaway was recently caught by the paparazzi on the set of the new one series. Photographers captured the actress in New York. She wore baggy jeans, a white shirt, and an oversized black a jacket. However, our attention is refreshed hairstyle. Anna Hathaway cut it a bit of hair and arranged them differently than was the custom until now. It looks very girly in this edition!

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You can see more photos of Anne Hathaway from the WeCrashed set in our gallery at the top of the page

Anne Hathaway’s photos were taken on the set of WeCrashed. This is an eight-episode Apple TV mini-series co-starring Jared Leto. The main plot of the upcoming production will focus on Adam Neumann, the boss of WeWork. Two years ago, there was a lot of hype about the aforementioned company because it was revealed that the business Neuman started was a fraud. The exact release date of the series is not yet known.

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