Anne Hathaway encourages people to face hate because it makes them stronger

The role in the movie “Les Miserables: Les Miserables” was a very important point in Anne Hathaway’s career. In 2013, she received an Oscar, a Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for her performance in a famous musical adaptation based on Victor Hugo’s novel. Critics did not hide in their reviews their admiration for the creation of an American star who underwent an impressive physical metamorphosis for the role and devoted a lot of time to meticulous preparations.

The director of the picture, Tom Hooper, spoke with a similar appreciation of Hathaway’s performance. “The list of actresses who auditioned was unbelievable. Suddenly it turned out that the biggest movie stars themselves dreamed of this role. The work Anne did was amazing. It was she who came up with the proposal to cut her hair to better reflect the character of Fantyna. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a more committed, focused and absorbed role as an actress, ”the filmmaker melted over the star.

Appreciated, among others by the American Film Academy, however, the performance caused a lot of controversy, which made Hathaway one of the most disliked actresses at the time. Some viewers criticized her for drastically losing weight for the role, which they believed was a calculated move to ensure her favor with Academy members. As the star confessed in one of the interviews, her diet was limited to consuming dried oat paste – all in order to “look like death” on the screen. The very moment the actress received the statuette and her misguided performance, which immediately landed in the rankings of the worst outfits at the Oscar gala, also echoed loudly.

Years later, Hathaway admits that the hate she suffered then did not break her, but – paradoxically – strengthened her mentally. “I don’t want to go into the past, but I was fighting my demons back then, which became a media topic. The internet suddenly turned against me. But it turned out to be good for me. Such experiences can make you tremendously strong and immunized. If I can give anybody advice on this subject, then I will only say so much not to be afraid of criticism and negative opinions. Just face it and it will make you stronger “- confessed the actress in an interview with” The Sun “.

In a famous interview, which the star gave after the Oscar-winning gala, she confessed that when receiving the award, which most actors dream of, she felt embarrassed and her joy was feigned. “You should be happy at a moment like this. I was not. Standing there in a dress that cost more money than a lot of people would see in their lifetime and picking up the award for portraying the unimaginable pain that is part of our collective experience as human beings, I felt terribly bad, “the actress explained in an interview with Vanity Fair. (PAP Life)

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