Anne Hathaway forced to get a haircut

Cutting one’s own hair in the era of a pandemic has become the everyday life of many people. After the hairdressing salons were closed, we were forced to take care of our hairstyles – with better or worse results. Anne Hathaway is one of the people who tried to experiment with scissors.

The Oscar-winning actress in a recent interview with Radio Times revealed that although she originally had no intention of playing hairdresser, circumstances forced her to do so. The star of the films “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Oszustka” and “Les Miserables. Les Miserables” revealed that on the set of the black comedy “Stuck on Himself”, the plot of which is set in the realities of a pandemic, she shaved herself. And all because of the panicky fear of contracting the coronavirus.

“When I went to the set, I assumed that the hair stylist present there would have no problem cutting my hair. Later it turned out that it was not really his competence, because what he does is just styling the hair. So he asked me,” If I want someone else to come to the set and get a haircut. When I thought about contact with someone outside my film bubble, I was terrified. I took the issue of coronavirus prevention very seriously from the beginning. I was forced to get a haircut. I have it in the film, it’s the result of my experiment, “confessed Hathaway. And she added that the situation perfectly suited the pandemic reality of the film.

The actress noted that the first weeks spent in isolation were extremely overwhelming for her. After a while, however, she realized that she was indeed in a very privileged position, so she should appreciate it. And not to complain. “I had food on the table and I wasn’t worried about paying off my mortgage. As I began to feel disrespectful towards people who were going through a difficult period, I realized that I had to change my point of view and get down to earth. I know I’m very lucky because I have a job which I love and can continue to do in spite of the pandemic, “emphasized Hathaway.

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