Anne Hathaway had attacks of anxiety due to the pandemic

The newest item in Anne Hathaway’s acting portfolio is the romantic comedy “Stuck for Yourself”, set in the realities of a pandemic. The Oscar winner played the role of Linda, who occupies a high position in marketing, who, due to restrictions introduced in Great Britain, has to stay in the same apartment with her ex-boyfriend. This imprisonment within four walls is a frustrating experience for the protagonist, which she deals with screaming into the pillow in moments of greatest stress. And emptying more bottles of wine at a rapid pace.

“I loved shooting the scenes where I scream in the pillow. It wasn’t in the script. I thought then, ‘Well, let me do what I did this year.’ It was very real and to some extent cleansing. there was the one where I dismissed a group of people during a conversation on Zoom. It was incredibly painful because I realized how many people have really experienced it recently “- the actress revealed in an interview with the British magazine” Glamor “.

The new role forced Hathaway to confront her own mental crisis after the outbreak of the pandemic. The star confessed that she had anxiety attacks. “This film captured the feeling of isolation and loneliness that many of us had experienced in recent months. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was going to be in a group videoconference. I was unable to do so because I had a terrible anxiety attack. I decided to write to everyone afterwards and explain what happened. I am glad that I was honest with them, because they shared their experiences with me and offered a lot of support. Thanks to this situation I realized how wonderful people I have around me “- revealed Hathaway.

The star also noted that the past year, although it was extremely difficult for her, finally allowed her to distance herself from unimportant things and learn to be more understanding towards herself. “I’ve always been a very motivated and ambitious person, but today I think that my way of motivating myself was not healthy. At the beginning of isolation, I was too hard on myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself. just kinder to myself. I’ve started to accept these difficult emotions. I know I don’t have the same problems as most people. I’m not worried about a roof over my head, about whether I will run out of money for another meal. But that does not mean that I have no right to feel fear “- added the actress.

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