Anne Hathaway: “Here are which celebrities give off a ‘big dick energy'”

Anne Hathaway, in a recent interview, revealed which celebrities emanate ‘big penis energy’, that is, a particular and not ostentatious self-confidence.

Have you ever heard of the expression recently mentioned by Anne Hathawaythe “big dick energy“? Literally it means”big penis energy“and it means having self-confidence without being too arrogant about it, let’s say without any kind of ostentation. The star recently revealed who, in her view, possesses this enviable trait.

During a conversation with Interview Magazine, Hathaway was asked questions by a number of famous friends and one of those friends, Mindy Kaling, asked Anne to talk about who among the most famous celebrities in the world owns the so-called BDE.

Anne Hathaway is an intern in The Devil Wears Prada

Anne Hathaway is an intern in The Devil Wears Prada

Here’s what the Pretty Princess star had to say about it: “Do you mean besides you? Right now I would say that Lizzo is one of the people who shed more big dick energy than anyone else. Besides her, well, Billie Eilish definitely. ”

Let’s see … Harry Styles, of course. I’m trying to think … who else? I mean the ones who have it and don’t care. Christopher John Rogers. I love what he is doing right now in the fashion world. I’m so deeply a fan of her … Michelle Yeoh also has great goddess energy“concluded Anne Hathaway.

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