Anne Hathaway: Liz Taylor really changed the world

Anne Hathaway published an Instagram post in which she admitted that Elizabeth Taylor had always been her idol.

Eventually, there was an opportunity to become more like her. When Anne was offered the role of Daphne Kluger [bohaterkę filmu “Oceans’s Eight”, przyp. red.]she thought it would be fun to lean on Elizabeth Taylor.

Now Hathaway has stated that the only thing she shares with this outstanding actress is a love of diamonds and plunging necklines.

“Liz was a treasure of humanity, and her contribution to building our collective empathy – and turning those feelings into action – cannot be overstated,” wrote Anne Hathaway on her Instagram profile.

The actress added that Elizabeth Taylor was also an outstanding social activist. “She really changed the world. Now it’s up to us to continue her work,” wrote the contemporary Hollywood star. And she asked for donations to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, an organization that supports people with AIDS.

Anne Hathaway was recently accused of making fun of people with disabilities with her newest role in “The Witches”. Hathaway played the role of an evil witch with deformed hands in this production. Her condition was modeled on ectrodactyly – a disease that causes the dissection of the hands or feet.


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