Anne Hathaway made the best #PillowChallenge in the world! It turned out hilarious!

Anne Hathaway

More American stars join the Quarantine Pillow Challenge! After the fun made a sensation in Europe, now celebrities from overseas are taking up the challenge. Halle Berry and Sarah Michelle Gellar made it sexy, but Anne Hathaway became the Queen of the Pillow Challenge in our opinion!

More celebrities engage in Quarantine Pillow Challenge! The fun started in Europe by a certain fashion blogger is currently making a sensation on another continent.

Polish stars have already got a bit bored #PillowChallenge. They showed their photos in “styling” with pillows online, among others Doda, Maffashion, Joanna Koroniewska, Marcela Leszczak, Michał Koterski and Maciej Dowbor. Now, fun is becoming more and more popular in the US.

We have already shown you photos Halle Berry and Sarah Michelle Gellar in “dresses” from the pillow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar also showed up in the pillow! It looks hotter than Ha …

Anne Hathaway WINS the Pillow Challenge!

Now in #PillowChallenge decided to participate Anne Hathaway. The 37-year-old actress has published a unique version of the Instagram challenge. The star presented itself in three pillows, and in addition: headphones on the ears, sunglasses on the eyes and boots instead of high heels! The styling is completed with … blue butterfly wings! Michaela Buble’s Troubles and One Direction; sexy Halle Berry in … a pillow

The Queen is never late, it’s just that everyone else is too early.

– she wrote Anne Hathaway in the description of your photo on Instagram.

True, it’s perfect workmanship Pillow Challenge?

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