Anne Hathaway movie His Last Wish “Ben Affleck Netflix Arms Trade

The seasoned journalist (played by Oscar-winning Anne Hathaway) leaves Washington to fulfill her father’s wish (played by Oscar-nominated Willem Dafoe) because of a feeling of guilt that prevents her from concentrating on her work. This is how she finds herself in the middle of the world from which she really wanted to cut herself off.

Directed by Oscar nominated Dee Rees, the film is based on Joan Didion’s novel The Last Thing He Wanted. One of the main roles is played by Oscar-winning Ben Affleck.

Rosie Perez and Toby Jones also star in the film. Dee Rees is responsible for directing.

Premiere on February 21 on Netflix.

Over 17.3 billion for original content

In the fourth quarter of last year Netflix subscribers increased by 8.76 million to 167.09 million. The platform posted $ 5.47 billion in revenues and $ 587 million in net profit. In the USA, it acquired only 420 thousand. new customers (compared to 1.53 million a year earlier), which justifies growing competition. She also emphasizes that “The Witcher” turned out to be the most popular of the first seasons of her series.

In 2019, Netflix spent a record amount of USD 15 billion on programming content, according to data from the analytical company BMO Capital Markets. According to experts’ forecasts, the website does not intend to limit itself to investing in content in the future. In 2020, it may be the amount of 17.3 billion, and in 2028 – 26 billion dollars.

The platform does not reveal how many paying users it has in Poland. Amper Analysis estimates that there may be 800,000 of them. According to the Gemius / PBI survey, in December last year. Netflix had 5.3 million real users in Poland and recorded 77 million views.

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