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Did you know that Anne Hathaway lied to director Ang Lee to get the role of Lureen Twist in ‘The Secret of Brokeback Mountain’? Back on a big Made In Hollywood fib.

A few days ago, we told you about this famous actor who lied about his age to get his first role. Today, we come back to another big Hollywood lie, that of Anne Hathaway, who told a hell of a fib to be able to play on screen Lureen Twist, Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife in The Secret of Brokeback Mountain.

“When I finished my audition for The Secret of Brokeback Mountain, the last thing the director said to me Ang Lee was “Oh, by the way, do you know how to ride a horse?”“, said Anne Hathaway at the microphone of the Out site in 2015on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the film.

“My parents have given me many gifts in life, and one of them was the following advice: ‘If someone asks you if you know how to do something, say yes. You can learn anything in two weeks if you’re motivated.”continues the actress. “So I, who had never ridden a horse, replied “Oh yes, I’m a very good rider!””

Anne Hathaway therefore trained to ride horses very intensively but… almost for nothing! “I became a very, very good rider”welcomes the actress, again for the Out site. “But on set, I had to ride a horse that only obeyed the voice, so I couldn’t control it. I found myself rehearsing in front of 300 extras, some of whom were rodeo pros, with a horse that didn’t do anything I wanted.”

For the record, Anne Hathaway passed the casting of The Secret of Brokeback Mountain during a lunch break, while she was filming A Princess Wedding at the same Universal studios. “I remember being very, very calm, which is unusual for me under any circumstances, especially at 21.”she notes. “I just felt focused, in a way like a predator: I knew what I wanted.”

Released in theaters at the beginning of 2006, the western The Secret of Brokeback Mountain tells the story of the passion experienced by two men, a rancher and a rodeo specialist, who meet in the summer of 1961 between Wyoming and Texas . Led by Heath Ledger, Jake GyllenhaalMichelle Williams and Anne Hathaway, the feature film won three Oscars including Best Director.

Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart wear mustaches!

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