Anne Hathaway supersexy and full of fitness in the new photos on Interview

Anne Hathaway posed in a disturbing manner for a feature dedicated to her in Interview; the photographs show the actress dedicated to the world of fitness and high fashion.

Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of a new fitness-themed photo shoot dedicated to her by Interview. You can see the photos published by the magazine in the tweets below.

The photo shoots show the actress dedicated to the world of fitness and high fashion. Anne Hathaway is here to motivate you. The star stands out on the cover of this month’s Interview magazine, looking better than anyone who wears little more than sports gear has a right to have, accompanied by a caption that urges us to get down to business.

The images, taken by acclaimed fashion photographer Collier Schorr, accompany the interview with Anne Hathaway and portray the actress comfortably approached to the world of fitness and high fashion.

Hathaway appears to have achieved Hollywood icon status after spending years as “America’s sweetheart” following her debut in Pretty Princess and, after gaining critical acclaim for her dramatic skills and suffering a bizarre backlash. public, is preparing to return to the limelight at the peak of its ability. The photo shoot shows Hathaway as a fully self-possessed artist capable of playing multiple roles with ease. She can also wear fitness equipment, but she is signed by Dior.

At the end of the interview, Mel Ottenberg, Creative Director of Interview, asks Hathaway what her favorite photo from the shoot is. The actress chooses a shot in which she wears only a Balenciaga towel because it contains many things in her simplicity. “I choose the Balenciaga towel also because I have never seen a single piece that summarizes fashion right now like this” declared the Oscar-winning interpreter.

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