Anne Hathaway, the girl next door rise to glamor

The actress at the “The Bulgari eden, the garden of wonder” event in Valentino dresses (courtesy Valentino / GettyImages)

Whether she is remembered for that felted cerulean sweater of hers, mistakenly considered foreign to the logic of fashionistas, or for having for a long time represented America’s sweetheart with her doe eyes and endless smile, the substance does not change. Because for almost 20 years Anne Hathaway, teenage princess and epic intern, memorable catwoman and interrupted girl, Oscar-winning actress and girl next door, she is the histrionic performer that all directors would like to work with and that designers around the world compete to dress. Beautiful and gifted with extraordinary talent, her presence pierces the screen and the red carpets as much as her tendency to normality makes her the darling of fans everywhere.

Its air from Katherine Hepburn of the new millennium and the frankness far from any kind of hypocrisy make her unique among the celebrities from whose glittering world she gladly keeps away, except when she has to attend the launch of one of her films or some humanitarian cause of which, over time , has become a champion. Because if it is true that her passion for acting has ancient roots and dates back to when she was little more than a child, her vocation to live a peaceful existence with her husband-colleague Adam Shulman and his children is equally a priority and would not give it up for the world. Because the latest Hollywood princess still prefers herself in that role of girl from New Jersey, all smiles that make her irresistible to her over 25 million followers and, of course, to those who never stop admiring her on the big screen.

Anna Hathaway in Rome wearing a Valentino look (courtesy Valentino / GettyImages)

Daughter of a lawyer, Geraldand a theatrical actress, Kate McCauleyAnne Jacqueline Hathaway was born in Brooklyn in 1982 and grew up with the myth of acting, as it was natural for those who bore the name of the wife of William Shakespeare. The second of three siblings, the little girl discovered the charm of the stage seeing her mother interpret Avoid Peron at a show in Allenberry, Pennsylvania, and she soon realized that this profession would allow her to give free rein to her fervent imagination. “I was a child full of imagination and I needed this to enter other worlds, where I could become anyone and disappear in the hardest moments of life”, she later found herself saying, explaining how the theater had saved her from anxiety crises and the depression he suffered from in adolescence.

And in fact, Anne soon got serious, when she was still in college, writing to top New York agents to represent her. Her perseverance won her not only by allowing her to study atAmerican academy of dramatic arts and making her the first teenager to enter the prestigious acting school of Barrow group Theater companybut also giving her the first important role in the TV series Get real when he was just 17 (and for which he was nominated for the Young artist award). From there to the entrance to the stable Disney the step was short.

After starting to study English literature at university, Anne was chosen by the director Garry Marshall for the lucky teen movie The princess diaries (2001) replacing the much more titled one Liv Tyler. And her first, bright appearance on the big screen was enough to get her baptized, directly from the magazine People, as one of the stars to focus on for the new millennium. And the sequels to the film (The princess diaries 2: Royal engagement and She enchanted 2004) only confirmed the premises, except for the risk of caging her for life in a single role. But it was a risk that she quietly bypassed when she agreed to play the rodeo queen turned career mom and betrayed wife of the tormented man. Jake Gyllenhaal neither Brokeback mountain secrets (2005), the high-impact drama signed Ang Leewinner of three Academy Awards.

Anna Hathaway during the fall-qinter 2022 haute couture show Valentino The beginning (courtesy Valentino / Getty Images)

The princess label was definitively closed by his own Andya recent graduate with a passion for writing who becomes the cynic’s personal assistant Miranda Priestleyruthless editor of the fashion magazine Runawayrisking everything to make a career (see MFF April 3, 2020). The film, which needs little introduction, was The devil wears Prada (2006) and it was thanks to this that Hathaway’s fame, who had worked for months in disguise in an auction house to prepare for the part, began to grow exponentially.

She agreed to play the writer Jane Austen in the unfortunate Becoming Jane – Portrait of a woman against (2007) and amazed everyone when she accepted the part of an interrupted girl in the indie film Rachel is about to get married (2008) for which it came close to an Oscar. The versatility of Hathaway was, moreover, textbook: queen of comedy (Bride wars – my best enemy of 2009 next to Kate Hudson and in the ensemble film Appointment with love) but also convincing thriller interpreter (Passengers- High altitude mystery), Tim Burton he wanted it in his Alice in Wonderland for the role of the White Queen, to which the actress gave a punk rock streak inspired by Debbie Harry. After all, the women he brought to the big screen were far from the princesses of the beginning: complex and often painful, immersed in a life that did not grant discounts, made more credible thanks to the chameleon streak of the actress who drove the audience crazy.

It happened with his Maggiean intriguing bohemian artist who discovers he has Parkinson’s in the drama Love and other remedies (2010), which saw her again alongside Jake Gyllehaal. He continued with the Emma of the romantic One day, based on the homonymous and beloved novel by David Nicholls, whose 20-year history is intertwined with that of college friend Dexter in an intense and painful narrative. Then it was the turn of Selinathe Catwoman de The Dark Knight – The Return (2012) of Christopher Nolana physically demanding role that she experienced intensely and which was only the prelude to what awaited her the following year when, to give voice and body to the Fantine de Les misérables (2012) lost more than 15 kg, shaved her hair to zero and prayed to be left alone for months to better fit into her character’s painful shoes. “Dreams can come true,” were the first words spoken by the actress when she, al Kodak theater of Los Angeles, the same one that the previous year had seen her in the role of official presenter with James Francowas awarded theOscar as Best Supporting Actress to which a profusion of other awards were added, including Golden globe, Screen actors guild And Bafta award.

Anne Hathaway wears Gucci total look and Gucci Blondie bag in blue suede (Ipa agency, courtesy Gucci)

Christopher Nolan still wanted her with him in his 2014 live action Interstellara dystopian film with great ambitions awarded by a stellar cast, while the following year, after the unpublished pairing with DeNiro neither The unexpected internit was the turn of Tim Burton to call her back for hers Alice through the looking glass. It’s still Ocean’s 8 where was a criminal who dreamed of robbing the Met gala alongside Sandra Bullock And Cate Blanchettand in the thriller Serenity (2019), in which she planned to kill her husband with the complicity of her ex Matthew McConaughey. But it was certainly hers Rebekah Neumannenlightened wife of the visionary entrepreneur Adam Shulman, that is to say Jared Leto in the Apple TV + miniseries WeCrashed which tells the rise and fall of the unicorn start-up WeWork, to have brought it back to the center of attention (and positive reviews). And he saw himself from the crowd that welcomed her recently Cannes Film Festival in which he presented his latest work, Armageddon time of the director James Grayin which she has a small role but enough to focus all the photographers’ flashes on her (see MFF 20 May).

Thanks to her skill and, in this case, also to her style, which over time has evolved to the point of making it a real icon. A bit like her Andy Sachs, however recently she confessed that the favorite outfit of that film was the long velvet coat by designer Chanel worn with a miniskirt and soft over-the-knee boots, Anne Hataway has had an evolution that has seen her gradually abandon both the bowstring dresses inherited from the first teen movies as well as the uniform of the it girl of the 90s made of denim and boho dresses to prefer creations of the great stylists. How Valentino in person, met on the set of de The devil wears Pradaand that he himself said he loved like a daughter by dressing her up several times, including marriage.

And, conversely, the link with the Roman maison which has resulted in the preference for the creations of the current creative director Pierpaolo Piccioliwho wanted it shining in Valentino’s PP Pink at his latest Roman fashion show (see MFF of 8 July). And that Italy is always in the heart of this beautiful actress is shown by her being her new ambassador, next to Zendayafrom Bulgarians and to have chosen our Peninsula as a destination for his holidays full of highly photographed encounters on social media. Which she never shied away from but which she lit up every once in a while with her legendary smile. (All rights reserved)

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