Anne Hathaway: Would she like to have a third child?

It turned out that, despite the seemingly favorable conditions, Anne Hathaway is not without fear. Because what is actually happening in the world genuinely terrifies her.

The actress cannot complain about the lack of activities now. Almost a year after the birth of her second son, Jack, she is involved in the set of “Witches” and at the same time tries to be a good mother to the older Jonathan (4.5 years old) and a wife to Adam Shulman. Complete success? Nothing could be more wrong.

The Oscar-winner admits that her life is constantly balancing on the edge. And sometimes also a lie. Because when her older son asked if he was going to work in the library, she did not even deny it.

“I don’t think this is entirely untrue, because in a way I tell stories” – she explained to Kimmel on the program later.

When asked if her son had seen the movies with her participation, she said yes, but that doesn’t mean he recognized her.

“After watching Rio, he did not even stumble that one of the birds spoke in his mother’s voice,” confessed the actress.

When asked if she thought about expanding her family, she honestly admitted that she had very ambivalent feelings.

“One day I think it’s a great idea. The second day I am aware of what is happening in the world and I am not so sure” – she confessed.

For now, the goal is to organize Halloween safely. As the boys will not be able to visit their neighbors and ask for a candy by threatening to play a trick due to the pandemic, the sweets will be hidden in the house.

The movie “Witches” is broadcast by HBO Max.

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