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Anne Heche She died at the age of 53: the announcement came after her spokesperson on Friday announced that the actress was kept alive only to see if it was possible to donate her organs. She was pronounced legally dead on Friday in the state of California, but she remained attached to the donation machines, machines that were shut down on Sunday, August 14th.

The family confirmed the death, a week after the frightening car accident that saw her crash her car into a Los Angeles home and was engulfed in flames. Many had hoped that the actress could survive as the first reports had spoken of “stable” contitions and the fact that she had spoken to rescuers when she was extracted from the vehicle, but on August 8 her spokesmen announced that she was in “extremely critical” conditions and who had ended up in a coma after a “very serious anoxic brain injury”.

Investigations are underway to determine if the car accident was caused by the use of drugs, and toxicological tests have been carried out on the body of the actress, which revealed the presence of narcotics (it will take weeks, however, to determine if it is. substances already present in the blood before hospital treatment).

Born in Ohio in 1969, Heche grew up in Chicago with her mother after her father’s tragic death from AIDS. During high school she starts studying acting: despite an important job offer from a soap opera, she decides to continue with her studies.

Will take another job on a soap, Destinies, after graduation, where she plays twins. It’s the early nineties: she moves to New York and plays the part of Laura in Nicole Holofcener’s debut film, Walking and Talkingit also has a part of it The Adventures of Huck Finn. But her first major role is alongside Johnny Depp as her girlfriend in Donnie Brascofrom 1997. The engagements in important films such as Volcano, I know what you did, Sex & Power. In those years the relationship with Ellen DeGeneres begins, shortly after the latter’s coming out: they will remain together for three years. Then turn Six days seven nightswith Harrison Ford, and in 1998 is Marion Crane in the remake of Psycho directed by Gus van Sant. In her career he has also participated in films such as Birth by Jonathan Glazer, alongside Nicole Kidman, Spread alongside Ashton Kutcher, Rampart alongside Woody Harrelson, Cedar RapidsCatfight and most recently The Vanished – the hour of truth.

He had two children: one by the cameraman Coley Lafoon and one from James Tupperalso had a few years relationship with Steve Martin.

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