Anne Heche will not make it: ” Kept alive only to be able to donate her organs ”

  • The 53-year-old actress will not survive last week’s accident
  • Friends and family have said that doctors are figuring out if his organs can be donated

The actress Anne Heche will not survive the terrible car crash last week. The 53-year-old crashed her car into a house in Los Angeles, in the Mar Vista area, on August 5. She reported burns that required surgery and especially damage from cerebral hypoxia. Right now she is still being kept alive by some machinerybut the only reason is to explore the possibility of to donate some of his own organsas was his express will.

Anne Heche will not survive the car accident: she is in a coma, kept alive by machinery only to explore the possibility of being able to donate some of her organs, as was her wish.

A press release released by his family and friends reads: “We want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers for her to heal, we want to thank the nurses and staff from Grossman Burn Center at West Hill Hospital, they took care of her with love. Unfortunately due to the accident she has had damage from brain hypoxia and she remains in coma, in critical condition. It is not expected to survive. It was his wish that his own be donated organs and they are keeping her alive to determine if this is possible “.

The actress suffered severe damage from brain hypoxia and suffered third-degree burns

“Anne had a big heart and touched everyone she knew with her generous spirit. More of her extraordinary talent than her, she gave joy And kindness through her work, especially when it came to accepting those she loved. She will be remembered for her courageous honesty and she will be missed very much “concludes the note.

Anne leaves two sons, one 20 years old and one just 13, had two relationships with two different men. The star of ‘Donnie Brasco’ and many other film and television hits has had a long sentimental bond with the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres. However, it was the only love affair with another woman in his life.

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