Anonymo lost to the Spaniards. Much longer path to promotion Sport

The Poles reached the semi-final of their bracket, beating the Australian ORDER on Tuesday. Movistar Riders also missed a strong opponent, because they won against RBG Esports. Only Wednesday’s match was a challenge for both teams.

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Anonymo is still in the game, but in the bottom bracket

The first map was the absolute domination of Anonymo. The Poles on the Mirage map were better in every aspect. Though it’s fair to say that the popular “Mirek” is not Movistar Riders’ favorite map.

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The real test was to come on Nuke, both of which have a fairly good level. The Spaniards fought to stay in the match, Anonymo fought for the promotion to the game deciding about the promotion to the final match of their half-bracket. The first half was for Movistar. The Poles started this map well, but it was the Spaniards who started the second half with a slight advantage of one round. However, the attacking side of this map is more difficult, so Anonymo did not have an easy task ahead of him.

However, Adrian “imd” Pieper’s players won the first pistol round. Micha³ “Snatchie” Rudzki played great, even without a sniper rifle in his hands, he was doing well with his opponents. Anonymo had a close match against the opponents, but the map fell to the ground.

Everything resolved on the third map – Inferno. The Poles started from the defending side and unfortunately it was not the best part of the Wednesday match for them. We only managed to win five rounds, which was not a great advance before the final decisions. In the second half, not very happy decisions and the reset economy resulted in Movistar Riders winning the decisive game 16: 8, and the whole game 2: 1.

– Sad loss 1: 2, but we have to bear it. Tomorrow we are starting the game in the bottom bracket! – wrote Pawe³ “innocent” Mocek on Twitter after the match.

This defeat greatly complicates the struggle for promotion for Anonymo. Poles now have to win four matches to get into the coveted ESL Pro League. Next match on Thursday at 16:45 against Brazilian Sharks.

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