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November 25, 2021, 2:02 pm

It seems that another program will join the group of applications inspired by TikTok. Spotify is testing a new feature that, like a Chinese application, will allow you to view movies endlessly.


  1. Spotify is testing a new Discover feature that will appear as the fourth icon in the application menu.
  2. It is not known, however, when or whether a new tab will reach the users of the application.

Spotify may turn into TikTok to some extent soon. As he noted Chris Messina, a new tab called Discover appears in the menu of the test version of the iOS application. It is supposed to allow users to view short movies, similar to the Chinese original.

Messina also told TechCrunch that the materials in the new tab are not videos created by a community focused around the app (as is the case in other tiktok applications). Instead, users can view snippets of music videos or special videos created with Canvas.

Canvas is an application that, since 2019, allows Spotify artists to place moving visuals of songs instead of the usual album covers.

Additionally, TechCrunch will ask Spotify to provide more information about the feature under test. This, however, to no avail, as a Spotify spokesman declined to provide details. What was achieved, however, was confirmation of the very fact of testing Discover.

At Spotify, we routinely run a series of tests to improve the user experience. Some of these tests pave the way for a broader user experience, and others are just important learning. At the moment, we have no further information to share.

Therefore, we do not know when to expect a function to be introduced into the actual application, or whether it will remain as tested. It is worth mentioning here that if the Discover option actually appears on Spotify, the application will join the retinue of other TikTok followers, in which YouTube (Shorts), Instagram (Reels), Snapchat (Spotlight), Pinterest (Idea Pins) and Netflix are already proudly marching. (Fast Laughs).

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Another app wants to

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