Another controversy in F1. “I never get gifts from judges”

“I never get gifts from judges,” said Max Verstappen, who was fined before the Qatar GP for breaking the rules in F1 qualifying. This is a continuation of the controversy related to the recent movements of the flight attendants.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Max Verstappen

Press materials / Red Bull / In the photo: Max Verstappen

The fight for the Formula 1 world title in 2021 is so fierce that a lot is happening not only on the track, but also off it. We saw this at the Sao Paulo GP where there was a lot of talk about refereeing decisions. First, they disqualified Lewis Hamilton from the qualifying results due to an unregulated rear wing, then failed to punish Max Verstappen for a defensive maneuver in Sunday’s race.

The Red Bull Racing driver received a penalty before the Qatar GP. All because of an incident near the end of qualifying where the Dutchman did not slow down with the double yellow flags after Pierre Gasly’s earlier adventure. The 24-year-old was moved five places at the start.

– There is no surprise in that. I already knew on Saturday night that it would end in punishment, because I never get gifts from judges. When I saw the final decision on Sunday, I wasn’t shocked or surprised, said the Dutch driver Sky Sports.

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Verstappen quickly recovered from the penalty. In the first few meters of the Qatar Grand Prix, he made his way from seventh to second. – In such situations, you focus on the work you have to do. I had to overtake more cars than usual, but fortunately the first lap went very well, added the current leader of the general classification of F1.

Ultimately, the Qatar GP fell to Lewis Hamilton, and the course of the race showed that Max Verstappen did not have the pace to fight the Briton of an equal duel. – We were not fast enough to match Mercedes. I tried to chase Lewis and was even able to keep up with his pace towards the end. I did the fastest lap in the race which I’m happy with. This is always an extra point, said the Red Bull driver.

– At the moment, every point counts. It wasn’t the best weekend for us, but there are two more races ahead of us and a lot can happen. We will see, concluded Verstappen.

In the general classification of F1 Verstappen’s advantage over Hamilton is 8 points. The Saudi Arabian GP and the Abu Dhabi GP remained pending.

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