Another goodbye in the Pd: here is who gives up Letta to go with the M5s

Maria Saladincandidate in the primaries of the Democratic Party in 2018, decides to leave her political team to join the CinqueStelle Movement.

The choice of the now ex dem is officially communicated by the person concerned through a long post on their personal page Facebook. “I left the Democratic Party with a responsible choice of sides”, writes Saladino on the social network, explaining that it is a decision matured after a sabbatical and substantially motivated by the separation between his party and the grillina team. The decision, declares the former dem, arrives “after having supported throughout Italy, from candidate to national secretary, with the Country Party motion, the need for the Democratic Party to become one of the promoters ofprogressive alliance together with the 5-star Movement, because, force generated with the pencil in the voting booth, precisely from the last ones from which I saw the Democratic Party move away “.

“Even without political sponsors”we still read in the long post, “I immediately understood both the clear project of the Letta-Franceschini area, and the need to abandon because I probably failed to touch the political conscience of the many flattened on a line that distanced us from that people who constitute roots and reasons “. “I communicate”, Saladin points out, “that together with me, since 2021, the National Circle OnLine Piazza Dem of the Democratic Party has been released, effectively delivering the cards due to the unexpected shift in the political line”. The change of “social references“on the part of his former party colleagues is one of the main reasons for the removal: “They have gone from the squares of hardships and needs to financial agoras, from the last few to the privileged few, with radical changes in values, ideas and the electorate of reference”.

The transition to the M5S

Saladin therefore announces that he wants to marry the political project of the CinqueStelle Movement, making himself available immediately, “by offering my participation in the parliamentarians, active participation always and in any case on the territories in the electoral battle that is approaching, adherence to the Movement’s project, always loyal to politics and above all to citizens”. The former dem says he is ready to give up “to the considerable contribution given to the Democratic Party from 2014 until 2021, in favor of the battles of ideas and values ​​of the entire 5 Star Movement and the President Giuseppe Contewhich will return to prevail, continuing with the utmost commitment, traveling streets, meeting gazes, reading hearts, listening to stories, stopping in the squares shaking hands with people and not interests “.

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