Another KSW rider wants to fight “Don Kasjo”. “I can show you how it hits”

Kasjusz Życiński became a tasty morsel for KSW players, but Marcin Wrzosek did it. However, another contestant quickly appeared, who is convinced that he will easily beat the Fame MMA star.

Robert Czykiel

Robert Czykiel

Łukasz Rajewski

Press materials / / In the photo: Łukasz Rajewski

Fame MMA 12 has gone down in history, and fans will remember for a long time, among others Cassius Życiński’s fight with Marcin Wrzosek. After six rounds, the judges had to choose the winner. They unanimously stated that it was “Don Kasjo” who was better in the cage during the boxing fight.

“Polish Zombie” does not agree with this verdict and wants to appeal, but his situation has become so complicated anyway. Maciej Kawulski has already officially announced that Wrzosek is leaving KSW for now. However, this does not deter other players of this organization to face Życiński.

This time Łukasz Rajewski reported the will to fight in Fame MMA with “Don Kasjo”. This is a competitor who won his last two matches in KSW. He is convinced that he is the fighter who can defeat Cassius without any problems.

“I look at these recent boxing performances like punchers and I think of a good stake and I can show the environment how to hit, ranked fight, no freek” – wrote Rajewski on Twitter.

“Raju” would be the third KSW player who would fight with “Don Kasjo”. Before Wrzosek, the Fame MMA star lost in a boxing match with Norman Parke.

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