Another meeting on the situation in Ukraine. Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council

Meeting NATO-Russia Council, will be devoted to the situation in Ukraine. – We are ready for a specific dialogue with Russia, which must be based on an agreement with European partners, including Ukraine – explained the secretary general of the Alliance before the meeting.

NATO-Russia Council was established in 2002 under Rome Declaration as a forum for consultations on security issues between NATO member states and the Russian Federation.

Stoltenberg signaled his intention to convene the NATO-Russia Council on December 21 last year. – We are ready for a concrete dialogue with Russia and I intend to convene a new meeting of the NATO-Russia Council as soon as possible in the new year, said NATO Secretary General at a press conference in Brussels.

– Dialogue with Russia must be based on the fundamental principles of European security – including the right of allies to defend Alliance territory – and respond to NATO’s concerns about Russia’s actions. It must also take place in consultation with NATO’s European partners, including Ukraine, the politician added then.

At a press conference on Monday, January 10, Stoltenberg stressed that negotiations on security between Russia and the West this week they may not solve all problems, but they may pave the way for avoid conflict.

“I don’t think we can expect these meetings to solve all the problems,” said the head of NATO, referring to the security talks between the West and Russia taking place this week.

“We hope we can agree a way forward, that we can agree on a series of meetings, that we can agree a process,” he added.


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