Another Photo From The Set Raises The Hype For The Sequel

Some time ago we had seen a great photo from the set of Dunes 2, or a sunset posted on an Instagram story by actress Zandaya, who plays the Fremen girl, Chani, in the film. Those who missed it can find the shot here.

Now it is the co-protagonist of the film who delights us with a shot from the set, always published on the famous social platform: Timothee Chamalet he is depicted from behind, in front of a rock in the desert. Most likely it is the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune, hence the title of the film and novel by Frank Herbert. Chamalet, who plays the young duke Paul Atreides, wears a distinctive black garment, with the dusty silhouette of a human skeleton. We don’t know if it’s one of the stage costumes or if it belongs to the actor, who often shows up with his particularly extravagant style on the various red carpets.

Dunes 2

What we know about Dune 2

In this second feature film, also directed by the Canadian director, Denise Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049; Prisoners), Paul and his mother Lady Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson, known for her excellent portrayal of the villain in the film Doctor Sleepmust learn the laws of the desert and coexist with the Fremen to carry out their revenge against Baron Arkonnen (Stellan Skargaard) who has plotted with the Emperor to destroy the Atreides and kill Duke Leto.

Emperor Shaddam IV, played by Christopher Walkenalso has a daughter, the princess Irulanwhich according to recent statements will be interpreted by Florence Pugh the now new rising star of cinema known for her roles in Midsummar and in Black Widow as sister of Natasha Romanov. In addition to these there will be other new entries: Austin Bautler (Feyd-Rautha) and Léa Seydoux (Lady Margot).

The Dunes 2 is expected for November 17, 2023, in the meantime we hope to receive more shots from the set soon!

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