Another Tesla scandal. This time it’s not about cars

Contrary to appearances, it is not the problems with the cars that are the cause of the latest Tesla scandal. One production line worker accuses the company of creating a physical harassment environment.

Harassment as the reason for the lawsuit against Tesla

Over the past three years, Tesla’s factory in Fremont was going to be getting to verbal and physical abuse by men towards women working on the production line. At least that’s what Jessica Barraza claims, who already on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s company and alleges that the production hall resembles “primitive construction site or dormitory“. Harassment, whistling and violation of personal space are, in her opinion, incidents that have occurred since the very moment of employment in 2018.

If the words turn out to be true – the perception of Musk’s brand may change drastically. The first associations that come to mind about Tesla arouse rather positive emotions that result from the constant development of new technologies and the open approach of Elon Musk to society. In the eyes of many, it is difficult to describe this perfect picture of the harassment of women working in the company.

Tesla factoryThis behemoth is Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Fremont

The victim mentions many incidents related to harassment in Tesla

In the lawsuit, Barraza presents many incidents that violated her sense of security. One is where one of the coworkers “started touching her thighs” during her meal break. There were supposed to be many more similar transgressions on the part of men.

Attempts to obtain help from the management team always ended in failure – none of the superiors managed to control the behavior of the men in the hall for three years. Therefore, if the help could not be found in the company – the lawsuit turned out to be the only solution.

It’s worth mentioning that Barraza filed a lawsuit shortly after The court fined Tesla $ 137 million for discriminating against black workers. We have to be patient for the development of the case – but if the accusation turns out to be right, it may be another scratch in the diamond image of Tesla.

What do you think will be the end of the case? Compensation and by topic, will the company pay more attention to the approach to its employees? Let me know in the comments.


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