Another victory for Łomża Vive! Tarnowians, however, have nothing to be ashamed of

Many expected Łomża Vive to outclass Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów at the exit. The hosts, however, fought as equals for a long time and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Eventually, the Kielce team won 30:25.

Arkadiusz Dudziak

Arkadiusz Dudziak

The players of Łomża Vive Kielce

Getty Images / DAX Images / NurPhoto / In the photo: Piłrze Łomży Vive Kielce

It cannot be denied that any result other than a certain victory of the guests in the game Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów – Łomża Vive Kielce would be a big surprise. The inhabitants of Kielce and Płock are the only undefeated teams in the PGNiG Men’s Super League. In turn, the hosts of the game were in the middle of the table.

The inhabitants of Kielce started in a dream way. The guests took advantage of the great nervousness in the rivals’ game at the beginning and in the third minute they were leading 4-0. The players from Tarnów, however, mastered their initial emotions, used the counterattack and, after hitting Aleksander Buszkow, they lost by only two goals.

The coach, Talant Duyshebaev, gave many opportunities to play with his substitutes, but it did not make Kielce unhappy. The Belarusians: Artsiom Karalek and Władisław Kulesz (9: 4) were in the lead in the offensive. The Kielce team maintained their advantage without any problems until the end of the first half, which they ended with a five-goal advance.

The Tarnowians came out perfectly charged for the second half. They took advantage of their rivals’ powerlessness in the offensive, they themselves, in turn, threw goal after goal until Łukasz Kużdeba hit, they only lost 16:18. The visitors, however, after a moment of weakness, returned to the effective game from the first stage, scoring goals in an advantage, which allowed them to rebuild the five-goal advance.

Tarnowians, however, did not give up the field to their rivals. Although they were not able to get close to their opponents, they lost only 3-4 goals all the time. The team from Kielce did not allow themselves to be robbed of their victories and controlled the game. Ultimately they won 30:25.

The Belarusian duo led the guests to victory. Władisław Kulesz and Artsiom Karalek scored a total of 12 goals. In turn, the hosts lacked a visible leader in the offensive, as as many as six players threw 3 goals each.

Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów – Łomża Vive Kielce 25:30 (13:18)

Union: Lil Regand (5/30 – 17%), Hołda (1/5 (20%), Buszkow 3, Matsuura, Wojdan 3, Tokuda 3, Monocki 3, Dadej 3, Kniaziew 2, Mrozowicz 2, Pinda 1, Yoshida 1 , Kużdzeba 1, Sanek, Sikora

Lomza: Kornecki (10/35 – 29%), Karalek 7, Moryto 5, Kulesz 5, Vujović 3, Surgiel 2, Nahi 2, Sićko 2, Domagała 1, Tharstarson 1, Olejniczak 1, Gudjonsson 1, Sanchez

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