In a new post published on the official blog, the general manager of BioWare stated that the team will not stop working to improve Anthem.

BioWare shared a brief update on the future of Anthem. Through the pages of the official blog, general manager Casey Hudson wrote that the studio continues to have a sizable portion of the team still working on the game in the Edmonton and Austin locations.

“Although it was great to see the community’s response to Cataclysm, I know there is still a lot of work to be done to exploit the full potential of the game,” said Hudson, adding that BioWare is working to address the issues that still plague Anthem. He reiterated that it will take time, but the title will continue to be supported with small features and new content.

In short, despite the many problems that have emerged in recent months – you will certainly remember Jason Schreier’s in-depth reports on the subject – BioWare seems intent on not giving up. Hudson also remarked that the next chapter of Dragon Age is in pre-production, though without mentioning it specifically.

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