Anthem, Dirt Rally 2.0 The JV Releases of The Week of February 18th

A short week of outings but it’s not too serious

After the tornado of big games last week, we are happy to see that this week will be much lighter in the news even if a behemoth arrives at the end of the week and may well obliterate our social life for a while.

Steins; Gate Elite

Released in September in Japan, the fully animated visual novel arrives in the rest of the world and on all platforms on February 19th. This is the first time that the series will fully use anime shots and it should appeal to fans of this very specific genre and very Japanese.



The awesome ninja game arrives in its full version on Switch. If you like stealth games. We hope that the postage will be cool because the game is clearly worth it and it arrives on February 21st.


Dirt Rally 2.0

As often in the outings of the week, not being a great specialist in car games, I notify the important outputs but I can not say much more but as it is really, it is already a good point to be a cool game. Released February 22nd.



As usual, we have kept the best for the end and the¬†game Bioware will clearly occupy the entire place, despite its release on the weekend of February 22.¬†We can count on EA to get the sauce going all week long and it’s already started with last week’s short film, and we can not wait to create our Javelin and go on an adventure.


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