“Anthems” of countries for the World Cup become a meme on TikTok; Look!

Since this year we will have world Cup, as usual, Brazilians have already got in the mood with the memes. On TikTok, a trend of playing the “hymns” of each country is going viral. But not that traditional song: the songs that became a real timeless hit by the nationalities of each singer. Would the players be able to stop themselves from singing along?!

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Have you ever wondered what the anthem of England would be? Undeniably the song chosen by the influencer Matheus Theodoro he was “What Makes You Beautiful“, of One Direction. “After this there wouldn’t even be a game, just tears“, joked a follower.

@matheus_theodoro sdds 😔 ib @Carlos Santos #fy #fyp #foryou #paravoce #tiktokbrasil ♬ What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction


It’s also easy to imagine what song will play when Mexico’s national team plays. According to tiktoker Johnny Robertoobviously it will be “Rebel“. “There will be the entire stadium: ‘Y soy Rebelde’“, said one netizen in the comments.

@johnnyroberto25 KKKKKKKKKKKKKK #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Rebel – RBD & Anahí & Dulce María & Maite Perroni & Christian Chávez


In addition, when talking about the Canadian team, one immediately thinks of a great timeless hit: “Baby“, in Justin bieber. And many people agreed with the influencer Carlos Santos in the video comments. “If this is not the anthem of Canada, I give up“, wrote one netizen.


It’s Justin

♬ One Time – Justin Bieber


United States

Thus, it is only fair that the anthem of the United States be “Party in The USA“, in Miley Cyrus. But in this case, there was a big debate in the TikTok comments. “Fact“, said one netizen. “Rumors that the real anthem is ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry“, disagreed a follower.

@eericborges Anthem is an anthem right my loves lol #comedia #humor #meme ♬ Originalton – Dalia Mya💗


Finally, Brazil could not be missing from this trend. In that sense, what would be the national anthem? According to the opinion of many netizens, “evidence” in Chitaozinho & Xororó was the song selected to play at the World Cup.

@gandulaoficial This is too much Anthem, no Troops… 😂🇧🇷 #futebol #fypシ #selecaobrasileira ♬ Evidence – Live – Chitãozinho & Xororó

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