Anthony admits rocky relationship with ex-boyfriend, but denies aggression

In an interview published this Friday (8th), Southern bluefin tunaattacking midfielder anthonyof Manchester Unitedspoke out for the first time about accusations of verbal and physical assault by D.J. influencer gabriella cavalin.

freshly cut brazil team The athlete, who is currently under investigation by police in both Brazil and England, has admitted to having had a “tumultuous relationship” with her ex-boyfriend.

However, as he had already done through his social networks, he emphasized that he had not at any time physically attacked Gabriela (View timeline of accusations).

See Antony’s key phrases from the interview:

  • About my relationship with my ex-lover: “It was a somewhat tumultuous relationship. There was jealousy on both my side and hers. This issue of assuming her (publicly as a girlfriend) caused her stress and we ended up having an argument.” Gabriela was jealous of Anthony because a lot of things happened, especially because I was with Gabi[Cavalin]but he also had affairs with other women.”

  • About the fight that happened in the car: “There was no (physical) aggression. I never touched her. I arrived at the club first without saying anything to her, and at no point did I invite her to the party. She “And when I was leaving, I told her,” “I didn’t call her, I just told the security guard and my friend that I was going. She came after me. I said, “Are you planning to leave without calling me?” She got into the car. My cousin was also in my car and it was another friend who was driving (the car the couple left in). I didn’t say that (he and Gabriella and the couple’s baby were going to die in the car). “She started changing in the car and said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you came to the club? ” and then started calling me trash again and said he was going to end my life and career. She always said this. “I was in the car and I was quiet. I was in the backseat with my girlfriend and my friend was driving. He didn’t stop for a second. She was in the back seat with me. Pressed and asked: “Why did you come here?” Only in the club? At that moment, I didn’t even pick her up. I couldn’t even hold her as she kept pushing me into her car. I never (pulled her hair). Never (threatened to throw Gabriella out of the car). I don’t understand why she would say that. There’s a lot of things she says that aren’t true. ”

  • About print whatsapp In it, he abused and threatened Gabriella.: “There are some things that have changed because of her. Print. She sent me a message and deleted what I had sent, leaving only the one word I had written.There is an example Print When she published something (in the press) and I said, “I’m sorry,” she deleted the sentence. I have proof of all this. I’m going to contact my lawyer and have him look into everything.”

  • Regarding the phrase “I wish I could die.” Print: “The words were there, but you have to look at the context of the conversation. I said (that phrase), but I never said, ‘Oh, die!’ It doesn’t mean die, because if you look at the context of this story, everything she said to me, everything she sent me, everything she said to me, she wants me to die. , because I was saying, ‘I’m no good, I’m no good.’ ‘I’m disgusting, I’m a kid, I’m not a good father… He said a lot to me too.’

  • About the photo of Gabriella with blood on her head: “Negative (didn’t attack her). I never touched her. I never headbutt anyone. She was at the hotel and sent me a message. She trained in the morning, got her car and went to her hotel. We ate lunch together normally, talked normally, and everything was normal. But there was one thing he did that annoyed her. That’s when she said I had to go because I had an appointment. I said I wanted to go, we had an argument and she grabbed my face (Shows how Gabriella would have squeezed her face) and said, “Look at me!” She then put her hand on my face. I went to the bathroom, stayed there for a while, stayed there for about 5 minutes, then came out and said, “I have to leave.” She stopped at the door and said, “I’m not going.” She wouldn’t let me go. I tried to leave, but she wouldn’t let me. Then she broke glasses and plates. He threw it on the ground and threw it at me too. She climbed on top of me. At that moment, I hugged her. She could never be pushed. I didn’t headbutt her. I had already left and arrived home when she sent me the photo (of her bleeding head). I was in the hotel with my girlfriend earlier and she wasn’t hurt. I don’t know what happened). We were there to hold her and calm her down. After a while she calmed down. We had other commitments at work, so we talked and headed home. ”

  • Regarding Gabriella’s accusation that Anthony punched her in the chest and dislocated her silicone prosthesis.: “Never. Did I punch the woman in the chest? As I said, I hugged her, but I didn’t hug her tightly. Especially since her silicone condition is 2020 Diagnosed in 2000, it was even before I met her. She was what I already had” Changing the Silicone Business (NR: The SBT report also cited a 2020 medical report in which doctors in Presidente Prudente, where Gabriela Cavalin was born and examined, recommended replacing the prosthesis.)

  • About Gabriella’s accusation that he cut her with a glass“That’s a lie, of course that didn’t happen. How do you throw a glass in someone’s face? You know what the glass episode was like? She was upset, she drank a lot. We were together.” At the barbecue, there was a pagoda, everything was normal, it was a normal environment. She was drinking a lot so I asked her to stop drinking. I drank a glass of wine, I wasn’t drunk, but she drank a lot of wine. She had a glass like this (shows how Gabriela is holding a glass) ). I said to her, “Stop drinking, you’ve had too much. Give me this (glass).” When I pulled it, I pulled it. “She endured. The stem broke and I cut my finger. I didn’t even pull it out, she was pushing it down. So, because she was drinking a lot, I I wanted to take the glass away. My hand was there. I’d never throw a glass in the face of a woman or anyone else. ”

  • Regarding accusations that he locked himself on his home soccer court to calm down.: “My mother helped her and bandaged her hand. I asked a friend to go buy some gauze to make a bandage. I called a physical therapist. .The physical therapist understands more (about the injury).My friend went to buy bandages and the physical therapist arrived at the house.”When he was getting dressed, I was outside and , I was just looking at her fingers. She says I was locked…I don’t even have a key in the house! The door is just propped up. How do you lock it? If you don’t have the key to lock it, if there’s no padlock or anything, is there someone on the court? ”

  • Regarding the accusation that Anthony took away Gabriela’s passport to prevent her from returning to Brazil: “What am I going to take away her passport for? I will never take her passport away. What do you mean? She can go back to Brazil, no problem.”

  • Regarding the accusation that he kicked the ball at Gabriela.: “What’s the point in kicking the ball at her? Are you going to kick the ball at a woman? With our strength (as soccer players), if we kick the ball at a woman, it’s obviously going to hurt. She talks about lies. I’m in prison and I want to go home. Why? As she says, I’m in a private prison and I want to go home. What does that mean? I 100% deny all accusations of aggression. I never attacked her. They are. It was all a lie and nothing happened.”

  • Concerns about being released from Manchester United contract: “It never crosses my mind. I know the truth, and it will come out. I know many are slaughtering me, but the truth is always clear.” “United is leading the whole investigation and they are following it and will continue to follow it.”

  • About being removed from the national team: “It was hard…I felt really sad, especially because I was growing up thinking that it probably wasn’t true. I was here with my mom when I found out I was going to be cut.” It’s not easy. We strive to make dreams come true and wearing the national team uniform is a dream that I face every day. Being called out because my name is there. Thank God.”

  • Regarding physical violence against Gabriela Cavalin and other women who have accused him: “Negative. Negative. I am 100% sure that I have never touched a woman. And I will bring the evidence. People will see the truth. I have never attacked “I’ve never been physically violent, and I don’t intend to attack her in the future. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been physically violent. I’ve never been verbally violent…I’ve offended her (Gabriella), and she It also made me angry. It was from both sides. There was never any physical violence. Anyone who followed me since I was little, at that time ‘I had nothing and neither did my personality. I know, and I know how much I sweated to get here. What I want to do most is show people that this is me. I want to achieve many things. I have many goals and many dreams. That’s true. I dream of returning to the national team and I want to show Anthony that he is innocent of all this.”

Manchester United releases statement

Manchester United Last Wednesday (6th), he spoke for the first time about the “Anthony incident.”

In a statement released by the press, red demon is aware of the accusations made against the athlete and remains at the discretion of the authorities pending further progress in the investigation.

Please refer to the following:

Manchester United confirmed the allegations against Anthony and said police were investigating.

The club will not comment further until further information is available. As a club, we take this matter seriously, considering the impact these allegations and subsequent reports have on victims of abuse.

How’s the situation?

Manchester Police reported in a statement to a local newspaper last Monday (4th) that Anthony’s circumstances were under investigation.

In a statement, the British group said: “Manchester Police are aware of the allegations and are continuing to investigate to establish the circumstances of this incident. We will not be commenting further on this matter at this time.”

The charges against Antony had been public knowledge for at least four months. ESPN The portal took on new meaning this Monday, as police reports registered in June were accessible. UOL We have released previously unreleased audio and images related to this theme.

digital influencers and DJs, gabriella cavalin reported a series of attacks and threats by Antony, with the first attack occurring in July 2022, according to the victim’s statement, with the exact date not disclosed.

The first incident occurred at a party in Villa Olimpia, in the São Paulo neighborhood, where Gabriela said she was forcibly dragged away by Antony and a security guard who pulled her by the arm and hair. This influencer was in her 17th week of pregnancy and ended up losing her baby soon after (View timeline).

Anthony said last Monday afternoon: post on your official account Instagram,it is He admitted that their relationship was at odds, but denied assaulting his ex-girlfriend.. The assailants were also brought to court to prove their innocence.

The seriousness of the charges meant that Anthony lost the opportunity to serve as a defense attorney. brazil team inside 2026 World Cup Qualifier.attacker Recalled by the Technical Committee of Fernando Dinizwho chose to call Gabriel Jesus in his place.

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