Anthony Edwards stuns with his performance on Team USA, LeBron reacts!

Already considered a star in the NBA, Anthony Edwards has the status of joining Team USA for this World Cup. We can say that the situation is the same in this preparation as in their performance against Germany. Even LeBron James decided to share a tweet in front of this impressive scene.

Team USA was on the offensive against Germany on Sunday, trailing by 16 points in the game, but Steve Kerr’s team finally took the lead (summary here, An impressive performance from Anthony Edwards set up a great win for the team ahead of the start of the World Cup. While he’s already having a blast with the Wolves, Backe is looking to bring home the gold for his country this World Cup.

Anthony Edwards’ warning before CDM

This is not good news for the competition, especially when it is playing at this level. He dropped 34 points on Sunday to crush Dennis Schroder’s teammates, all with occasional spectacular actions, like this poster at the end of the first quarter. Suffice it to say that Rudy Gobert will have to be careful of Rudy Gobert’s partners during a possible confrontation.

We’ll also look at some good clutch action to propel his men to victory:

No doubt, Ant is a special player yes. The future looks bright for her and for now she is focused on winning with Team USA. Something to personally please LeBron James, who reacted on Twitter:

🐜 The man is on fire!! This boy πŸ₯Ά

We imagine Anthony Edwards will appreciate this short message from LeBron James, who will be closely following Team USA’s performance for this World Cup. Not the most impressive team in history, but if Ant plays like this, Steve Kerr’s men have a real chance. Have to be careful with the competition.

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