Anthony Mackie reveals the essential physical detail to play the Marvel hero

The era of Chris Evans like Captain America has now come to an end. After lending his face to Steve Rogers in eleven films – three of which starring – over the course of ten years, the hero’s historical interpreter Marvel he handed over the baton to his colleague Anthony Mackiebecome the new incarnation of the character and ready to debut the lead role in Captain America: New World Order. The cinecomic, which will be the fourth standalone dedicated to the hero, is currently in development under the direction of Julius Onahwith a theatrical release date set for May 3, 2024.

As many will know, the stars of the MCU they are often subjected to a very tight diet and daily training sessions to achieve a superhero physique. Just think of Evans himself or colleagues like the very fit man Chris Hemsworthbut also to female faces like Brie Larson, which often and willingly shares extracts from the exhausting days spent in the gym on its social channels, including weights and exercises of all kinds. Of course, Anthony Mackie is no exception.

In a recent interview, the interpreter of Sam Wilson in fact, he talked about his workouts and the daily routine necessary to take the place of the old Cap, revealing which physical detail he considers essential for the role: powerful shoulders. And her secret is to always keep them trained.

“You can do anything. P.You can also look mediocre, but if your shoulders look good, everyone will look at you and say, “Oh, he’s got crazy shoulders.” So this is my biggest priority when I train: focus on the shoulders. Once you have those, you are good to go.

And we who believed Cap’s backside was the priority!

Captain America: New World Order, remember, it is written by Dalan Musson And Malcolm Spellman and sees in the cast, in addition to the protagonist Anthony Mackie, also names like Danny Ramirez in the role of Joaquin Torres, or the new incarnation of Falcon, Tim Blake Nelson in those of Samuel Sterns / The Leader, Shira Haas as the mutant Sabra e Carl Lumblywhich lends the face to Isaiah Bradley.

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