Anti-inflationary shield. Obajtek announces a cut in fuel prices by about 30 groszy. He gave the date

– There is an announcement that prices will go down by about PLN 0.30 proportionally depending on the type of fuel – said on Tuesday (7 December) the president of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek in the TVP Info “Guest News” program. – I think that the competition, seeing how Orlen translated these scenes into stations, will also translate prices and there will be a big reduction – he added.

Obajtek pointed out that the reduction in fuel prices resulting from the solutions implemented under the anti-inflationary shield will take place on December 20. – I believe that prices will stabilize because we are already seeing a significant improvement in this respect – he assured.

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Fuel pricesDrivers as usual at the bottom end. Fuel prices have already fallen sharply, but not at the stations

Anti-inflationary shield. What will change?

The anti-inflationary shield with a total value of PLN 10 billion consists of six elements:

  • lowers the prices of motor fuels – excise duty at the EU minimum level, 0% from retail sale of fuels,
  • reduction in gas prices from January to March 2022 – lower VAT (8 percent instead of 23 percent),
  • 0 percent excise duty on electricity for households,
  • reduction in electricity prices from January to March 2022 – lower VAT (5 percent instead of 23 percent),
  • reducing the cost of electricity and basic food products through an industry allowance from PLN 400 to PLN 1,150 per year, depending on the household income,
  • savings in administration and budget.

The government also announced the so-called cover accessory. – We are introducing a cover allowance according to income criteria, from PLN 400 to over PLN 1000, depending on the household. It will be paid in two installments in 2022, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The shielding allowance will be granted to 5.2 million households. People running one-person households with an income not exceeding PLN 2,100 per month can count on a PLN 400 allowance per year.

Prime Minister Mateusz MorawieckiMorawiecki: If inflation continues to rise, we will act

In larger households that want to benefit from the shelter allowance, the income may not exceed PLN 1,500 per person per month. For families of 2-3 people, the surcharge will be PLN 600 per year. For households from 4 to 5 people it will be PLN 850. Even larger families will receive PLN 1,150 per year. In the case of the largest allowance, the surcharge will be a little over PLN 95 per month.

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