anti-inflationary shield this week. Maybe tomorrow

Finance minister Tadeusz Kościński announced that the government will present the assumptions of the anti-inflationary shield this week, most likely on Thursday. Let us remind you that the politicians have been announcing the support package for Poles for almost a month.

  • PiS was seriously scared of inflation, which, according to recent readings, has already reached 6.8 percent.
  • The anti-inflation shield, which the government has been presenting for a few weeks now, is to be the answer to the ubiquitous rise in prices
  • According to the announcement of the finance minister, it is to happen this week. According to Tadeusz Kościński – perhaps still on Thursday
  • The changes proposed by PiS are to include, among others VAT reduction on some goods and services, energy vouchers and reduction of margins applied by the refinery
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6.8 percent inflation is just an average. There are goods and services that have increased in price much faster. For example, gas for cars. Here prices are more than 53 percent higher. It is not much better with other fuels. Here, for a year, it became more expensive by over a third.

Much faster than average The prices of bread (9.4%), oil (over 10%) and several types of meat are also rising. For example, beef and poultry are 9.1 and 18.8 percent more expensive, respectively. Pork is cheaper.

In addition, the Central Statistical Office recorded over 18 percent an increase in waste collection fees, as well as significant increases in electricity, gas and fuel prices.

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PiS will respond with a shield

PiS noted that all this bothers Poles more and more. And since Poles, so also voters. So much so that inflation expectations among the public are the worst in 25 years.

Moreover, there is no shortage of those who blame the high prices on the government of Mateusz Morawiecki and the actions of the National Bank of Poland. Few, in turn, see the European Union guilty, which the rulers often try to suggest, e.g. in the context of rising energy prices.

So the rulers decided to start reducing the effects of inflation, because they see that this does not help their survey results, and the price increase – contrary to forecasts – is not so temporary. They resorted to a proven pandemic method – they will build another “shield”.

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