Antinelli, Rai storm: “Thanks Marchisio and Adani, to a person I say: you’re sorry”

The social controversies in the Rai house do not subside. After the social dispute between Alessandro Antinelli and Paola Ferrari following the disappearance of Mario Sconcerti, another post by the sports journalist unleashes the storm again. TO World in Qatar concluded and therefore at the end of the television accompaniment of the competition by weblog Rai Sportsthe sent in Qatar he wanted to thank the team that was close to him throughout the championship tournament. In a long message about Twitter Antinelli also thanked Lele among others Adani and Claudius Marchisioin the studio with him during the final. “It’s time for thanks, the last and most heartfelt. Thanks to Rai and Alessandra De Stefano for believing in me and for believing that it was possible to tell 64 matches in a dignified way. I hope the mission is accomplished.a” began Antinelli (with the answer of De Stefano herself “Not only accomplished…but perfect Thanks to you”), and then continue “Thanks to my team. You have all given your best and you have been a family. A special thanks to my boss Donatella Scarnati, a constant source of inspiration. I will miss you a lot. But I know that around 7 in the morning we will continue to talk to take stock. Thanks to my talent team. Before being super commentators, you are super people and friends. Thanks Lele Adani, Claudio Marchisio, Mister Strama, Dige and Sebino. You are the best Raisport team ever.”

Adani and Argentina-France: unleashed social networks

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Adani and Argentina-France: unleashed social networks

Antinelli, the attack after the dispute with Paola Ferrari

In the last part of the thanks, however, the heavy words arrive, which even if they don’t have a name, they would seem to be addressed precisely to the other well-known face of Rai Sport with whom Antinelli had objected through a very harsh exchange of tweets: “Finally, a personal matter: my last 4 months have not been easy. I would like to send a message to the person who tried to ELIMINATE ME by fabricating slander, to whoever insulted me for months in the corridors of Saxa shouting insults of all kinds. I don’t hate you. Hate is a feeling that doesn’t belong to me. I feel sorry for you because with money and power you can buy everything but heart and competence never“. A message that will surely cause discussion.

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